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Chronology of a success story (please contribute dates missing): Jan 2010 – kojacker joins Feb 16th – First Talk post (no firmware update for Vodafone UK). May 4th – First Talk thread started: Any interest in a friendly Maemo app development ‘competition’? May 19th – He goes for it: [ANNOUNCE] The First N900 Coding […]

Now it’s possible for power testers to install and run MeeGo 1.1 unstable in the Nokia N900. MeeGo Handset is not yet in shape for users of any kind. If you find the instructions complicated and unfriendly it’s simply because MeeGo is being sincere with you: stay away from it and come back later.  🙂 […]

Received today from the Forum Nokia folks. Please forward to Maemo / Qt / N900 developers: Nokia’s Calling All Innovators developer contest is coming to a close, and there is still time to submit an app. The contest features four categories where you can demonstrate your creativity and talent developing mobile apps for use on […]