$50.000 for the best Maemo / Qt / Nokia N900 apps (and more)


Received today from the Forum Nokia folks. Please forward to Maemo / Qt / N900 developers:

Nokia’s Calling All Innovators developer contest is coming to a close, and there is still time to submit an app. The contest features four categories where you can demonstrate your creativity and talent developing mobile apps for use on Nokia’s latest devices:

The top three submissions in each of these application categories will receive cash prizes of up to $30,000 (USD), as well as Spotlight Placement in Nokia’s Ovi Store to promote your winning application to consumers using Nokia devices worldwide.

Additionally, regardless of category, all application submissions are eligible to win special prizes. For instance, the best application for the Nokia N900 and the best cross-platform application using Qt will both receive $50,000 (USD). Check out all the prizes on the contest website.

This year, there are more chances to win than ever before. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity – submit your application right away. The deadline for entries is 10 June 2010.

Don’t delay – submit your winning app now!

PS – Do you have the next big idea? It could be worth a $1 million investment from Nokia. Submit it to Nokia’s Growth Economy Venture Challenge.

7 Responses to “$50.000 for the best Maemo / Qt / Nokia N900 apps (and more)”

  1. 1 -Stéph-

    I suppose it’s too late now to start learning Qt… :p

  2. 2 cantmed

    I suppose you’re right… Darn, I really had a good idea… 😉

  3. 3 R

    Not at all (provided you already know C++) – I picked it up in a few days. It’s kinda similar to the .NET Framework, if that helps.

  4. 4 anon

    A better incentive than money would be to declare a stable API and stop messing around with the underlying platform. Right now there is some uncertainty due to all the Gtk foundations being dumped. To me the N900 sounded really attractive until it was announced that it would become deprecated. Now that Android is becoming mature, it feels like a safer alternative.

  5. 5 TheRohan

    Hey guys,

    I am a mobile developer and received an email from Forum Nokia, inviting for a workshop to learn how to create Widgets and more about QT.

    This workshop is on 16th June in Mumbai and we just have two days for registration. So just wanted to know if any one knows more about this workshop or has attended any such workshop before.

    If anyone can share their experiences or thoughts in the same regards?

    The link to their website that I received in the email was: http://www.codeofpartnership.com/agenda.html

    Thanks in advance..

  6. 6 fdhdfh

    Holy fuck……… $50000 That is some serious cash….

  7. 7 Olaf

    And what a hurry, deadline at 10june. this won’t help anymore, game is over for n900.

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