N900 Coding Competition: a grassroots community success


Chronology of a success story (please contribute dates missing):

  • Jan 2010 – kojacker joins maemo.org.
  • Feb 16th – First Talk post (no firmware update for Vodafone UK).
  • May 4th – First Talk thread started: Any interest in a friendly Maemo app development ‘competition’?
  • May 19th – He goes for it: [ANNOUNCE] The First N900 Coding Competition! 21st May-21st July. Open to all!

  • May 20th – Cosimo Kroll (aka zehjotkah) proposes that Nokia could fund prices for the winners (and contacts me).
  • May 21st – Prizes agreed: “the winner of each category will be invited to the MeeGo Conference with travel and accommodation covered. If someone can’t make it then we can offer an N900 in exchange.”
  • zehjotkah opens a PayPal account to pool donations.
  • July 1st – A new category for beginners is created on the fly based on popular demand. 17 projects apply.
  • July 22nd – 65 projects registered and ready to be voted in 6 + 1 categories.
  • August 8th – The community has raised a bounty collection of €781 ($1019) to reward the 2nd, 3rd and 4th participants in each category.
  • August 9th – Winners announced! (see screenshots & more)
  • 1. Queen Beecon Widget by Alessandro Peralma (No!No!No!Yes!) (Desktop category)
    2. CloudGPS by Damian Waradzyn (dwaradzyn) (Location & Navigation category)
    3. Faster Application Manager by Heikki Holstila (hqh) (System & Utilities category)
    4. PSX4M by Tomasz Sterna (smoku) (Games category)
    5. PenPen Sketchbook by Ben Lau (benlau) (Graphics & Multimedia category)
    6. TweeGo by Mikhail Ramalho (mikhail_ramalho) and Rodrigo Avelino (rodavelino) (‘Other’ category)
    7. DropN900 by Jonne Nauha ( jonnenau) (Beginners category)

Congratulations for the winners and everybody involved. *You* are making a difference with initiatives like this. See you in Dublin!

More: http://wiki.maemo.org/Maemo_Coding_Competition_1

9 Responses to “N900 Coding Competition: a grassroots community success”

  1. 1 Hub

    Success that Nokia make sure exclude certain countries like Canada.

    Here is the answer from Nokia USA (because there is no store for Canada) when I enquired about paying *FULL PRICE* for a N900:

    In response to your concern, we would like to inform you that the Nokia N900 has not yet been released in Canada.

    (and I cut all the rest of the BullC that has become irrelevant, including the part that invite me to choose a different phone *sic* – and yes I got a different phone, not from Nokia [1])

    There is no “grassroot” when a company deliberately choose to send away potential customers based on the country of residence.

    [1] and yes there are actually two mail-order that sell them to Canadian, had I been told by your people to get it from them…

  2. 2 Stu

    Do another one for meego! I’m learning android but it’s reminding me of what I didn’t like about full fat java.

  3. hi!!! i’d love to have one N900 but i live in Mexico! I have waited since october last year and it hasn’t arrived yet!!! please! I don’t know where to suggest it. I have already contacted Telcel and Nokia México (trough their websites) but they only sais “thanks for your comments”.

    What should I do to have one!

    Congratulations for the great work! it’s an amazing cellphone!

    Here you have a… how can I call it? a seller?? a promoter that will no charge you for talking every one of it! just make it available here!

    bye! and go on!

  4. 4 qgil

    This is a community developer contest and there have been many chances for community developers to get an N900 at a discounted price or basically free, regardless from their country.

    I also would like that Nokia ships Maemo/MeeGo devices all over the World but, well, this is something decided by the units in charge of running a profitable business.

  5. 5 Jim

    we need more contests like this in the near future in order to catch up with other smart phones !

    best for me Dropn900 Love it !!!

  6. 6 bastian

    i would take part at next time.
    could anyone inform me, when next competition starts?

  7. 7 Jonathan

    What for ? I thought n900 was dead ?

    I mean everybody who bought one is trying to find a way to get rid of it because of the lack of future and support. Why should developers work on it ?

    It’s a real question, I’m a developer and started developing apps for n900 but stopped the projects in the middle (near completion, but investing more time was appearing to my team as a waste of resources).

  8. 8 qgil

    Answer to the real question: target Qt / Web Runtime & make your app reach MeeGo & Symbian devices in addition to Maemo/N900.

  1. 1 Nokia N900 in India

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