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Some personal news: I’m joining the Qt team to help making the Qt Project rock. A small change of floor at the Nokia offices in Sunnyvale (California) and barely a change to be noticed by my relatives and non-geek friends. Still, for me it is a big change, the end of a phase and the […]

Chronology of a success story (please contribute dates missing): Jan 2010 – kojacker joins Feb 16th – First Talk post (no firmware update for Vodafone UK). May 4th – First Talk thread started: Any interest in a friendly Maemo app development ‘competition’? May 19th – He goes for it: [ANNOUNCE] The First N900 Coding […]

Received today from the Forum Nokia folks. Please forward to Maemo / Qt / N900 developers: Nokia’s Calling All Innovators developer contest is coming to a close, and there is still time to submit an app. The contest features four categories where you can demonstrate your creativity and talent developing mobile apps for use on […]