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The N810 discounts for maemo contributors will be ready to be used in the online Nokia shops taking part of this program… next week. I was reluctant to give any date when I mentioned ‘around 15/dec’ and I’m still reluctant to give any exact day of next week since the factors are many and at […]

If you remember, we were figuring out the best way of rewarding community contributions to maemo. Well, the result is now out in the form of 500 emails to 500 fortunate people getting a substantial discount for a Nokia N810. The official announcement (including the list of winners) will be in next Monday. We […]

We have got around 900 submissions to the N810 maemo device program, which is an interesting subset of the >7000 users registered in We have 500 discounts to be distributed among people that is or could be pushing this platform forward. Now we only need to connect this sensible, common-sense principle to 500 userIDs. […]