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Today an envelop arrived at home containing our passports with US visa stamps expiring on Summer 2013. This was the last step before knowing for certain that our 3,5 years in Finland will be followed by a next phase in California. In short, the plan is to empty our house in Helsinki by the end […]

BIG NEWS TODAY + video from MeeGo Steering Group + video from Nokia & Intel This is a move that many had desired. On the paper it just made so much sense. However, not too many had really thought it would happen. Big companies have quite often big egos and it’s not easy for […]

Just an extended microblog post to let you all know about something that is growing pretty fast: Maemo – Barcelona Long Weekend. It all started with a UX Meets Code workshop for 50 invited Maemo developers but then we started getting questions in forums, emails and phone calls. Specially about local activities. This is something […]