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I was meant to blog about the imminent Mozilla/Maemo Danish Weekend but… Tomorrow. The first Maemo Summit ever was a big success last year. Today starts the walk towards the second edition! October 9-10-11 – WesterGasFabriek – Amsterdam (get a feeling) 3 days: 1 organized by Nokia and 2 by the community. 4 post-industrial spaces […]

If you could decide the venue for a Maemo Summit like the first one but bigger and in Amsterdam, what would you choose? else (what?) A discussion started.

Corporate budget planning is an interesting science that leads you to look at the future in a quite pragmatic way. First half of 2009: where is Maemo going to be? Where is the Maemo community willing to go and meet? The first Maemo Summit ever was a success! I was supposed to blog about that, […]