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Many of you already have heard the news: Maemo Harmattan will base its application framework in Qt while keeping most of the Fremantle middleware based on GNOME technologies. The goal is to offer an open, efficient and compelling Linux mobile stack with a cross-platform Qt API used also by Symbian and available in other mobile […]

Hi, just a quick upload from the Maemo Summit. Quite many people made it to the session that started the day, actually. Everybody seems happy about the summit and of course about Berlin’s night life… How Maemo Approaches Open Source (PDF)

Troll Door, by Irish Typepad Nokia going after Trolltech and Trolltech going inside Nokia, that’s an interesting move. Somewhat surprising move (I also knew about it by reading the press releases), but sensible in fact. The community reactions have been as interesting. No wonder, in this story you can find all the elements for a […]