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The Qt team started September with a Mega Release Day topped by a bunch of fresh information about Qt Developer Days, the main and dual headed event of the Qt community. I looked at the calendar and realized that I’m starting to be late on planning if I want to make it to Munich on […]

BIG NEWS TODAY + video from MeeGo Steering Group + video from Nokia & Intel This is a move that many had desired. On the paper it just made so much sense. However, not too many had really thought it would happen. Big companies have quite often big egos and it’s not easy for […]

Finland and its 5,3M inhabitants keep surprising me, specially on anything relating to mobiles & Linux (both local inventions). This time is an Internet Tablet (aka MID / Multimedia Internet Device) called EB, manufactured by ElektroBit with Intel and Linux inside. Menlow processor, slide-out keyboard, 3,2Mb camera, GPS, Wlan / Bluetooth / Wimax / HSDPA… […]