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I have been trying to follow the intense debate tagged GTK+ 3.0 and actually covering a lot more, from the longest post to the shortest. If I was into film criticism I would say that the story is evolving from decadentism to apocalypticism, with elements of final time, esoterism, conspiracy, dualism and reincarnation. It’s confusing… […]

Back to Helsinki. GUADEC was great but you already know that. Also, in no specific order: Actually my preferred topic of discussion was and how to help the critical projects there. GTK+ 3.0 will come and break. Finally. I liked how the GNOME Release Team was there shoulder by shoulder. Chris presenting Gecko/Firefox and […]

Troll Door, by Irish Typepad Nokia going after Trolltech and Trolltech going inside Nokia, that’s an interesting move. Somewhat surprising move (I also knew about it by reading the press releases), but sensible in fact. The community reactions have been as interesting. No wonder, in this story you can find all the elements for a […]