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Hi, just a short note to let everybody know that I’m in the process of leaving Nokia and joining… the Platform Engineering team at the Wikimedia Foundation! There I will help improving the volume and quality of community contributions in technical areas like QA, sysadmin and development of features for Wikipedia and related projects. I […]

Forget now about labels and conventions: there is not such thing as free software, like there is not such thing as free speech. There are free developers and free speakers, and they are the ones setting the limits of freedom of their products and actions. If they are not free, how free can be the […]

Thanks to Murray, Jeff and others we are seeing now explicitely that critique and self-critique is not necessarely easy in open environments populated by volunteering freedom lovers. You think you are in an open environment where everybody can speak out, until you try to challenge the boundaries. Starting with yourself and your inner boundaries. Are […]