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TodayLast week I finally joined the Wikimedia Foundation, with my US visa renewed and all the bureaucratic requirements in place. I work at the Platform Engineering team, reporting to Sumana Harihareswara and having other (remote) neighbors like Guillaume Paumier, Chris McMachon and Andre Klapper (of GNOME & Maemo/MeeGo fame, what a coincidence!). I feel happy. I […]

The Qt team started September with a Mega Release Day topped by a bunch of fresh information about Qt Developer Days, the main and dual headed event of the Qt community. I looked at the calendar and realized that I’m starting to be late on planning if I want to make it to Munich on […]

Tampere people: the MeeGo project knocks your door. San Francisco and Dallas are also growing a Local MeeGo Network, followed by Buenos Aires, Cambridge and Delhi. Helsinki & Oulu, now what are you waiting for? Same for Bangalore, Manaos, Oslo, Berlin, Beijing, London, Portland, New York, San Diego and whoever else is reading this invitation […]