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Hi, just a short note to let everybody know that I’m in the process of leaving Nokia and joining… the Platform Engineering team at the Wikimedia Foundation! There I will help improving the volume and quality of community contributions in technical areas like QA, sysadmin and development of features for Wikipedia and related projects. I […] Here you can track MeeGo related activities in San Francisco Bay Area. Propose genuine MeeGo meetups or casual meetings after interesting events. First meetup on September 14 @ San Francisco: MeeGo Developer Day – The After Meetup

Chronology of a success story (please contribute dates missing): Jan 2010 – kojacker joins Feb 16th – First Talk post (no firmware update for Vodafone UK). May 4th – First Talk thread started: Any interest in a friendly Maemo app development ‘competition’? May 19th – He goes for it: [ANNOUNCE] The First N900 Coding […]