Planning for Qt Developer Days in Munich / San Francisco


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The Qt team started September with a Mega Release Day topped by a bunch of fresh information about Qt Developer Days, the main and dual headed event of the Qt community. I looked at the calendar and realized that I’m starting to be late on planning if I want to make it to Munich on October 24-26. I still don’t know about the European gathering, but I’m logically planning to be in the San Francisco event on Nov 29 – Dec 1.

Qt Dev Days is a good opportunity not only to learn and get to know about the latest technical progresses and plans: it is a chance to meet a wide variety of people face to face, discuss and exchange extensively. This is an element common to any good conference, but especially in the context of the Qt project here and now this aspect is essential. Qt has been in the eyes of many in the past 12 months, but too frequently simplified and polarized to levels that go far away from the reality of the Qt project and community today. I frequently refer to Qt as a jewel in the Linux and open source software stack. A very versatile and precious piece able to play with many different products, projects and organizations. Qt Dev Days shows this in a way no blog post or analyst insight can reflect.

I’m glad to see Intel, Canonical and Telecomm Italia in the keynotes, as well as other companies like Cisco or Panasonic Aviation in the Qt In Use sessions and the many sponsors taking the floor. The Qt project has many different stakeholders, and hearing about them helps enriching the perspective that (lately) is circulating almost obsessively around Nokia and handsets only. Of course Nokia and handsets are important for the Qt project, you will have a chance to see and grasp the latest Qt based products from Nokia and there are many sessions scheduled in the Technical Track covering that and more e.g. Qt in MeeGo, Symbian and Android. There are other sessions exploring the new areas such as Qt Quick in the desktop, training and tools specific for designers or te WebKit / HTML5 neighborhood.

Even if Qt Developer Days has been an event primarily professional, the trend has been to open the doors to the increasing interest and innovation coming from developers with not-for-profit motivations. If you are one of these, you have a way to make it to Munich / San Francisco and you have an objective way to show your Qt love and dedication, please poke me here or through my address (easy to guess). We’ll do our best getting you to the event at a discounted price. Sorry, I can’t give more details now since I just poked the event organizers myself asking for details. In this context faster is better, just post/send a couple of lines with link(s) to your project(s).

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  1. I’d be interested in the Munich event, it’s not too far away from here.

    My open source Qt-related projects:
    gPodder (Python + PySide + QML):
    PySide on Android (Python + Qt):

    My Qt games (not open source at this moment):
    That Rabbit Game (QGraphicsView):
    qw (QGraphicsView + QML):

  2. 2 Jonay

    Quim, what can you tell about Qt in Tizen? It seems that the Linux Foundation is ditching the brand MeeGo and backing up Tizen, but right now, reliable information is scarce.

  3. I believe Meltemi has made worrying about Tizen’s support, or lack thereof, for Qt.

    But i’d love to hear what QG has to say about it…………….? 😉

  4. All I know about Tizen is what you could also see in the Internet. I have no involvement or special information at all. My thoughts so far: nothing to add to a previous blog post here + some considerations at

    Qt has a key role in the “next billion” strategy from Nokia. This is something Nokia announced officially the same day the N9 was launched:

    … and back to topic: I will be in Munich -got it confirmed earlier this week. Perfect timing!

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