Join/Create a Local MeeGo Network


Tampere people: the MeeGo project knocks your door.

San Francisco and Dallas are also growing a Local MeeGo Network, followed by Buenos Aires, Cambridge and Delhi.

Helsinki & Oulu, now what are you waiting for? Same for Bangalore, Manaos, Oslo, Berlin, Beijing, London, Portland, New York, San Diego and whoever else is reading this invitation with a genuine interest in MeeGo stuff.

All what you need is 5 ameegos happy to meet once a month. Let it grow if it wants to grow. See

If you want to start a Local MeeGo Network I’m happy to help you. Let’s reach that critical mass.


3 Responses to “Join/Create a Local MeeGo Network”

  1. 1 jay


    Help me set up a meego community in edison, NJ.


  2. A simple start is to create a new thread in the MeeGo forum just like this one aiming to create the Toronto MeeGo Netwrok:

    Then is easier to point people there and “win” the first level (5 ameegos in your network).

  3. 3 Jaroslav Reznik

    we are starting new community group called Openmobility under Liberix (it’s Czech open source public/community support company) – and of course we’d like to have wide range of open source mobile platforms and one should be MeeGo – I’m personally very interested to work on this SIG. How could our group align with Local MeeGo networks?

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