+1000 Twitter followers: Big Thank You


There are more than 1000 people following my Twitter updates. Thank you all! I keep doing my best posting and retwitting what I find really remarkable, plus one or two lines just for fun from time to time.

This is how you look like:

Apart from the obvious big fonts, I find interesting the thick “enthusiast” & “everything”, since this somehow reflects this permanent curiosity that substitutes coffee in my life. What to think though about the combinations “anxious ceo” and “dead profesional” (sic)? Good to see “beer” in its fair measure. And “hauler” was the Wiktionary word of the day.

Anyway, thank you again! And now back to work.


6 Responses to “+1000 Twitter followers: Big Thank You”

  1. 1 Oli

    Just read this post on three different planets. None of which have anything to do with twitter.

    I suggest if you want to thank the 1000 people following you on twitter that thank them *on* twitter… Better there than diluting the signal on community planets.

  2. 2 Oli

    Correction: if you want to thank the 1000 people following you on twitter then thank them *on* twitter

  3. 3 qgil

    Sorry for the noise and thank you for the heads up.

    What I will do is to provide feeds for specific tags to those planets. This is a growing problem that actually almost stopped me from blogging, since the topics I’m covering nowadays frequently have little to do with the topics of those planets.

  4. The name “Twittersheep” captures the mentality of Twitter and its users perfectly.

  5. 5 qgil

    @Oli, I just requested the removal from Planet Ubuntu and the change of my feed at Planet GNOME to aggregate only the entries with the GNOME tag. I think Planet Maemo is fine for now. Let me know if my off-topic posts are bothering you in another planet.

  1. 1 Quim Gil: +1000 Twitter followers: Big Thank You | Gnu Architecture

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