Maemo 5 final release: firmware and updated SDK


The Nokia N900 is landing in the hands of real users with the Maemo 5 final release that we have been polishing in the last weeks.

The fortunate users of a pre-production Nokia N900 are encouraged to flash completely their devices in order to have them as they come out of a sales box. The instructions to flash the internal memory and the eMMC can be found at Even if technically your backups and the current eMMC firmware should work, we recommend you to start completely from scratch. As if you would have got a new device today.

The Maemo 5 SDK is being updated accordingly (as we speak, so wait if you still don’t see it). It can be downloaded at Now it comes with a GUI installer to ease the path to get you started. Current Maemo 5 final SDK users can simply update their sources in order to get the content matching the sales release.

Welcome the Maemo 5 final release! Welcome the Nokia N900!

MS windows users willing to update the [[N900]] can use the [ Nokia Software Updater].

38 Responses to “Maemo 5 final release: firmware and updated SDK”

  1. 1 Tom

    So when you say ‘Final Release’, does that just mean final pre-release update? Can we expect to see further updates to Maemo 5 as time goes on?

  2. I mean final as in “1.0”. Of course there are further Maemo 5 updates and we are working hard on them.

  3. 3 kkito

    Glad to know that final fremantle SDK finally is out. Has this release opengl-es support under scratchbox arm/x86? I mean, be able to run and debug opengl-es apps under scratchbox. Thx ! 🙂

  4. On Windows you can just do the update using the Nokia Software Updater.

    It gave me this update yesterday already (the Netherlands).

    Good stuff 🙂

  5. Quim: I’ve been a bad boy and not being able to use the NSU (it didn’t work from Windows XP installed under VirtualBox), I followed a non-official howto, used a non-official application and… downloaded the .bin directly from Nokia servers:

    andrea@andrea-laptop:~/Downloads/N900_FW$ md5sum RX-51_2009SE_1.2009.42-11_PR_F5_MR0_ARM.bin
    038a4224417313a8e51e7c39f7f2b0e2 RX-51_2009SE_1.2009.42-11_PR_F5_MR0_ARM.bin

    this is what I’ve downloaded and flashed on my pre-production device, using flasher-3.5 from Linux.

    I’ve restored my backup after flashing and all works perfectly!

    Now some questions:

    1) What does the eMMC image contain?

    2) Since the backup is stored on this eMMC, if I flash it, do I loose my backups and all my data, right?

    3) Can I avoid flashing the eMMC?


  6. kkito, the official answer is that the ARM drivers evidently don’t work in your x86 environment, and there we only have the Mesa drivers shipped in the SDK. I have asked for an update of the OpenGL ES experts in the house.

    Andrea, yes you can probably avoid flashing the eMMC. Just try out, flash the internal memory, bring your backup back and give it a go. You always have time to reflash the whole thing completely if you see some kind of performance or stability problems. At said, it shouldn’t happen but the default good advice for these pre-production devices/software is to start from scratch.

  7. 7 Hasse

    What does the firmware fix? Will it fix the incompatibility with N900 and hi3g’s simcards? I very interested in n900, but I would like to use hi3g because they have the best 3g network here in denmark

  8. Tried flashing today, but flasher-3.5 says “To flash the bootloader, you have to supply the X-Loader image”. Looking up this error message on the forums, and looking at the responses there, it seems like my hardware is too old (“Found device RX-51, hardware revision 2001”). The FIASCO image on the download page does not contain a ‘xloader’ image for rev. 2001. Is it possible to obtain a FIASCO image compatible with HW rev. 2001 somewhere or is there another way to flash this image?

  9. @Hasse: Is there a bug report about the hi3g in I only know about SIM cards of 3 not working, but I have not heard about hi3g, hence cannot say much about it…

    In general, ChangeLogs should be available at . You could also query in for tickets with RESOLVED FIXED status and Target Milestone set to 1.2009.41-10 or 1.2009.42-11.

  10. 10 Joseph

    Thanks for the notification! Any word yet on a US carrier which will sell at a discount for a contract lock-in?

  11. Are translations supposed to work in the SDK? Switching the language to German I only get wdgt_va_24h_time instead of the clock in the status bar, and save buttons labeled wdgtbdsave.

    One other thing: Why are all those updates pushed out at once, instead of simply updating multiple times? Is there any reason to not publish stuff when it’s done, as this would look like a more open development process to me.

  12. I’m having the same issue as thp… I can’t reflash my loaner.

  13. 13 Ian Monroe

    @julian it must be their QA process.

    I’m getting “Unable to enumerate USB devices!” errors when I power the n900 while trying to flash. I use OpenSUSE 11.2 which has linux

  14. 14 George Will

    Is this update compatible with all pre-production Nokia N900 units? My unit says Build:F4.

  15. 15 Patrik

    Is there possible to say approximately when FW 1.1 will be released?

  16. 16 Mathias

    Ian: Did you run flasher as root (eg. via sudo)?

  17. I want to flash the eMMC but I’m doing something wrong. I don’t use Terminal much.

    I’m using Mac Leopard so I downloaded and installed the maemo_flasher-3.5_2.5.2.2_i386.dmg

    When I try to run the commands in the instructions, I get ‘command not found’. Here’s a screenshot:

    Please point me to the right direction.

  18. @Mark: I guess you need to install the .pkg, but I don’t use OSX, so I don’t know; but it’s obvious in the screenshot that there is no flasher-3.5 executable in the directory.

  19. 19 Hasse

    @andre hi3g is the actually company name of “3”, and it is the problem with their simcards I was asking about, because I would really like to get a N900, but it is not much fun when it doesn’t work with the provider which has the best “mobile broadband bandwidth” here in denmark

  20. 20 Ian Monroe

    @mathias yes of course. I tried again on my kubuntu laptop and it worked there.

    I decided not to wipe the mmc, since if you restore a backup it just copies back a bunch of config files anyways.

  21. In general: The Maemo Forum at is probably a better place for some of the questions here.

    @ Julian Andres Klode (Comment 11): Second question: Because that’s how currently Nokia’s internal QA works. Crossing fingers that this slowly changes.

    @Ian Monroe (Comment 13 & 20): Why do you try to power it? Not needed at all I’d say…

    @Patrik (Comment 15): Nokia never announces this in advance. However, at the Maemo Summit in October it was announced that a first update will be available by/until Christmas (which will provide Portrait mode for the Browser for example).

    @Mark Guim (Comment 17): Check if the executable is really in that directory, if it has the correct name, and especially if it is marked as executable.

    @Hasse (Comment 19): is still opened. It will be fixed soon (planned for the first update released).

  22. 22 Bratag

    What REAL users. As far as I can tell the N900 is still in the same black hole of “We have no idea when it will come out, where it is” that it has been the entire time. I haven’t seen ONE post on talk.maemo regarding someone even having received a shipping notice.

    Or did you mean its in the hands of the 300 people who already had the phone for the last month+

  23. great post guys !!

  24. 24 Alan_Peery

    @Hasse There was a problem here in the UK when trying to connect to 3’s (hi3g) mobile service — this is with an N810 and E71 combination. To get it working I had to edit the packet data setup string and remove a space that was at the end of the string. Since I don’t have an N900 in my hands yet, I can’t tell you if the same thing is needed on the N900.

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  27. 27 mike

    @mark Guim (comment 17) seems you missed the unix101 course, the ./ means that you need to be in the same directory as the executable.

    I have written my experiences up on talk here and might look at the wiki page in terms of making it clearer

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  29. 29 kkito

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    Motles gràcies!.

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