Maemo – Barcelona Long Weekend, December 4-6


Just an extended microblog post to let you all know about something that is growing pretty fast: Maemo – Barcelona Long Weekend.

It all started with a UX Meets Code workshop for 50 invited Maemo developers but then we started getting questions in forums, emails and phone calls. Specially about local activities. This is something we wanted to start sometime, somewhere… So why not Barcelona next month! We are now proposing developer training en español, a localization workshop taking el català as test case, gatherings of local groups interested in Maemo and the N900…

GNOME, KDE, Debian, Softcatalà, Hispalinux & co: cuanto mejor sea la respuesta local más gorda la podremos liar.

4 Responses to “Maemo – Barcelona Long Weekend, December 4-6”

  1. 1 kkito

    Hola, m’i9nteressaria assistir-hi, l’únic problema es que fa dos mesos que espero que m’arribi el dispositiu… així que servirà de poc si no tinc res ao n poder-hi programar :_(

  2. So if the crazy folk from badopi want to pay a visit, we can?

  3. I’m taking contacts with local experts here in Valencia, I’ll keep you updated once I know something more from them.

  4. kakito, no fa falta tenir una N900 per a gaudir i treure’n profit del Long Weekend. En portarem unes quantes per a poder fer la feina millor i donar l’oportunitat a la gent de provar-les.

    Ignacio, it will be a pleasure and an honor to have the badopi crew on board. 🙂

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