Maemo 5 Final SDK released: go Extras!



The Maemo 5 Final SDK has been released containing everything a developer needs to get their software ready for N900 users. Check the Maemo development landing page in Forum Nokia for the SDK download, the release notes and other technical details.

This SDK release delivers the latest, stable Maemo 5 code base, which is a reason good enough for any Maemo developer to install it an leave behind previous versions. But there is more:

  • If you are new to this check the modest yet beautiful Discover Maemo 5 SDK wiki page.
  • Windows / Mac / Eclipse users: you can start with the VMWare based Maemo Virtual SDK. The new release has the same content than the official Maemo 5 Final SDK. DIRECT LINK
  • After clear and continuous developer feedback the SDK offers now the possibility to install Nokia applications needed for proper testing of add-ons, plugins and web services.
  • A new Sharing Plug-in API has been released to help you integrate web services for sharing files. Users can install these plug-ins in one click and have new web services just as integrated as the ones that come out of the box.

Also don’t forget the Maemo 5 UI Guidelines published recently, specially the Hildon 2.2 UI Style Guide, the Maemo 5 Desktop Widget UI Guidelines and the document about Redesigning from Maemo 4 to Maemo 5.

You can check the Development section for an exhaustive list of Maemo 5 developer resources including the community supported runtimes.

Last but not least: your questions about Qt development and the N900 developer device program will be answered this Friday in the Maemo Summit.


30 Responses to “Maemo 5 Final SDK released: go Extras!”

  1. One thing that worries me is the fact that it uses bash 2, whereas even Debian oldstable already has “3.1dfsg-8”, and stable “3.2-4”. This is really outdated.

    And not having amd64 packages means that it is very hard to install on amd64 boxes, and upgrading is even harder.

  2. 2 Anonymous

    Feel free to just say “wait until Friday”, but one question on the developer device program: are those of us that eagerly pre-ordered our devices already screwed? 😉

  3. it’s my fault or vmware virtual machine still has maemo 4 packages and development enviroment?

    maybe an upgrade to Maemo Virtual SDK is needed…

  4. 4 Cornelius Hald

    Great that this time the browser is shipped with the SDK. This makes testing web integration (like OAuth) much much easier 🙂


  5. 5 qgil

    @Rainbowbreeze, not your fault. The latest Virtual SDK image is coming. It’s just a big big file and the team is processing/uploading it as we speak.

  6. 6 Sammy

    I there a list of differences between the SDK and the device firmware?
    Or is the SDK this time a full-fledge “emulation” of the real device?

  7. In my opinion, maemovmware’s page needs a lot of improvements, maybe a simple how to get started and some visual changes to reflect the current state of Maemo platform, see Palm’s Mojo page as reference.

  8. 8 Claudio

    So, now the SDK is moved to Forum Nokia and no longer in Or am I just not looking enough?

  9. 9 qgil

    Yes, is purely a community website now and the Maemo official and stable releases happen at Forum Nokia, just like with the rest of Nokia developer tools and documentation.

    More at

  10. 10 anonim

    I miss a page similar to:

    but with this new release. Maybe it’s me but I can’t seem to find it.

  11. 12 anonim


    thanks. 🙂

  12. 13 Joseph

    Woo hoo! Trying to get scdataviz on it now….

  13. 14 José Xavier

    “Windows / Mac / Eclipse users: you can start with the VMWare based Maemo Virtual SDK. The new release has the same content than the official Maemo 5 Final SDK.” The “Maemo PreFinal 2 Fremantle and Diablo SDK Virtual Image with Ubuntu Intrepid 8.10 Desktop Part 1/2” have the Maemo 5 Final SDK released with the extras?

  14. @qgil
    still uploading the vmware image file? 😀

  15. 17 Luke

    I have no idea what you guys are smoking. There is no Maemo 5 VMware image on that site. They are all old school diablo and prefinal images. The date in the “current version” column is 11 Sep 2009.

  16. 19 anonim


    Is there any kind of page with the roadmap for maemo5? i.e. updates planned other than bug fixes. Anything not comming on release but planned for later? I’m asking for maemo5 not maemo6 😉


  17. Not yet but this is something we want to do… after the sales release. is the page to watch.

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