Vær med til Mozilla/Maemo Danish Weekend!


Time to talk about The Mozilla/Maemo Danish Weekend! Just in case you missed the announcement:

Mozilla/Maemo Danish Weekend
May 30-31 + Friday night party (29th).
IT University of Copenhagen (see map & pictures & more pictures)

The Maemo and Mozilla projects are organizing a joint developer camp in Copenhagen the last weekend of May. If you are working on Fennec, Fennec add-ons or Maemo 5 applications this call is for you!

Let me repeat this: Maemo developers not related with Fennec/add-ons are welcome as well! (some people wondered). In fact we have already a good representation with Fremantle Stars, other remarkable projects with a foot in Maemo 5, GSoC projects and Mer.

The meeting is open and free, although registration is needed if you want us to have enough sandwiches, drinks and memorable shirts.

So if you’re in a hacking mood and want to participate, or if you know people who would love to participante, please help spread the word, blog about it, make some noise ! We definitely want a packed house and as much hacking as possible 🙂 (c) William’s Blog

RegisterWho is coming.

Once you have registered, go for the logistics:

  • Schedule: the weekend is for hacking but there is place for presentations, demos, workshops and other activities. Show your stuff and book a slot in the auditorium or one of the rooms.
  • Accommodation: there is a group reservation in the Hotel Cabinn Scandinavia for those looking for a place to stay.
  • Party: join us at the ITU student bar on Friday 29 May from 19:00 to 23:00.
  • Tshirt: specify your preferred size in the registration form (S, M, L, XL or XXL).
  • Vi ses i København!


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    1. 1 Michael Krog

      Had this been posted just 3 days earlier, then I would have come! 😦
      Now I’ve made other plans for that weekend!

      Hope to catch it some other time.

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