Maemo developers wanted in Санкт-Петербург


If you could read the subject 😉 then maybe you are target for this:

Yesterday we met in Helsinki the organizers of the next FRUCT seminar and they told us they would welcome Maemo developers willing to showcase their work and tell about their experiences in the Maemo community. If you are good and not too far away they might even have some budget to sponsor your trip. If you are interested introduce yourself to Timofey (dot) Turenko at Nokia (dot) com.

FRUCT stands for Finnish-Russian University Cooperation Program in Telecommunications and they develop several Maemo research projects.

See also the discussion thread in Internet Tablet Talk (soon to become


8 Responses to “Maemo developers wanted in Санкт-Петербург”

  1. 1 XVIIarcano

    Hehe, I’d be glad to get a trip to… oh… better not spoil the game… let’s say to that fine city on the delta of the Нева́… if only I were a programmer ;P

  2. Too bad! I walked on Не́вский проспе́кт only 2 weeks ago! Had I knew, I could have delayed my trip 🙂

  3. 3 Sergey

    Are there some schedule? I am living in Saint-Petersburg. And I would like to visit the seminar if I will be able to adjust my plans in April.
    I am not Maemo devloper, but I am a Maemo (N810) user since last summer and I am experienced Linux user (since 1995) and Linux developper since 2003.

  4. 4 aim

    Cool… Posted to our local LUG mail list

  5. 5 svu

    I wish I did not leave my home city;)

  6. 6 qgil

    Sergey, I don’t much more than what the public pages say. If you have firther questions you can ask Timofey in the address referenced above.

  7. 7 Kachal

    Hey Quim, you need to check the 2nd of the ‘Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)’ links to your blog entry entitled ‘The Bas**** got me’! It is dis-tasteful & possibly offensive to some people! What does automatically generated mean?? i.e. you don’t know what links are generated?

  8. 8 qgil

    I can’t change that since they are really automatic generated, see

    I could remove the whole functionality but I find it somewhat interesting, even if sometimes you get ugly side effects like this. Sorry!

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