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If you could decide the venue for a Maemo Summit like the first one but bigger and in Amsterdam, what would you choose?

A discussion started.


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  1. 1 mark

    You should contact de Waag, organisation for new media. They favor open source software and for example provide the space where the Blender conference is hosted. They might help you or give you some tips.

  2. 2 keesj

    De zwijger is actually part of the waag so we really need to talk to them

  3. 3 Lieven

    But why do you want to do it in Amsterdam per se? I assume you don’t expect people to go to the red light destrict, or get stoned, during the night, so you could just as well hold in any of the other cities that are close, like Rotterdam, The Hague or Utrecht. It’s just as easy to get there, and the prices for things like hotels and restaurants will be a lot more affordable.

  4. 4 qgil

    The comment above makes sense for people used to visit Amsterdam. Most people coming from somewhere else would actually appreciate to have the event in Amsterdam itself in order to enjoy the city.

    Last year nobody complained about having the Summit in the very Mitte of Berlin.

  5. 5 Lieven

    “order to enjoy the city”

    Well, if you really want to get stoned and go to the red light destrict, you could still take a train, it’s easy enough to get there. I just don’t think it would make the summit look really professional if it’s held in Amsterdam. You’re not gonna hold it in a city like Bangkok either, when you could just as well hold in Hong Kong or so.

    (btw, I’m not really serious, just do it in Amsterdam, it’s just kind of a sport here in Rotterdam to bash Amsterdam:)).

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