The Über Feed Reader


Have you seen this feed reader for mobile devices?

  • Handles efficiently feeds of text, images, audio, video…
  • Connects regularly for updates and small data transfers.
  • Downloads volumes of data when Wlan is available.
  • Basic usage through desktop plugin.
  • Well integrated with with browser (and media player?)
  • Smart syncing with my other devices & online services.
  • Compatible with Maemo 5 and easy to deploy in other platforms.

Let me know. It could be a Fremantle star.

Image: Really, REALLY BIG RSS feed button, by HiMY SYeD (some rights reserved)

13 Responses to “The Über Feed Reader”

  1. 1 iancumihai

    feeling a little guilty that this first post won’t make any suggestions, but I for one, welcome our new rss feed overlords 🙂

    seriously a good rss reader, and a usable one (see gui responsiveness which last one lacked a little bit), would change the way NIT is used.

    i know i was using google reader/i (the iphone web version) on NIT.

    so, cheers to those that will could make a difference.


  2. Try the PenguinTV Media Aggregator, it’s available in Extras. It covers most of your requirements well, including offline image caching, builtin media player, and good maemo integration. It has sync, but it sucks, and it isn’t written with metered connections in mind, and there’s no plugin, but all of that could be added relatively easily. I always welcome feedback, and of course patches.

  3. I’d like to try Penguin TV but can’t find it in Extras or Downloads. The link from SourceForge seems not to work…

  4. Forget my comment above. Clever me… I had installed it weeks ago!

    Ah yes, I remember now – it just hangs (or something)

  5. For podcasts (audio/video RSS feeds), I’d obviously suggest gPodder. Available in Maemo Extras, and the current development version (many speed and UI improvements) can be found as .deb in this post:

    I, for one, would love to have a dedicated feed reader that can download/upload/sync OPML subscription lists to/from the web. But also, I don’t want to mix podcasts with a normal feed reader for news, because in my opinion (and from what I’ve heard from feedback of gPodder users), podcast usage patterns and feed reading habits are different.

    By the way: gPodder already can sync subscription lists between different instances.

  6. You have all heard about Feed Circuit, haven’t you ?!

    I don’t think there is another program that’s as speedily developed – and by a more talented guy at that 🙂

    I use both Feed Circuit and gPodder on my N800, and don’t think I really need an option to “connect(s) regularly for updates and small data transfers” – I’m entertained splendidly !

  7. 7 Kachal

    A better feed reader?? What was wrong with the current reader?
    Will this fix current browser problems with Flash player programs? Is Fermintle going to include bbc IPlayer like the N96? I run a beta release of the iplayer on my N95 & this plays the iplayer programs flawlessly. Yet I try iplayer on my N800 running the latest Diablo OS & it rather diabolically tries to play the programs inside the browser & it absolutely FAILS!!
    Why not use the approach that Opera 9 uses on Archos devices and download flash player programs & play through the media player? We have had MPLAYER & UKTUBE available for years and I think if you chaps at Maemo had wanted to, we could have had this in one of the OS releases even as early as os2006?? Yet it is nearly 2009 & Diablo does not know how to play content from iplayer??

  8. Kachal, if you follow the links of the post you will find why many people think the current feed reader has room for improvement.

    You seem to be missing the possibility of executing Flash files offline. I might be wrong but I think that someone figured out how to do that. I tried to find an enhancement request at but didn’t find any. Perhaps you want to search further and create one?

    The BBC iPlayer has nothing to do with this. Apparently nobody has requested it either. you are invited to file another enhancement request. This is not my domain but… isn’t the Iplayer requiring DRM infranstructure? If so, its implementation is not trivial at all.

  9. 9 Kachal

    Quim, First of all, I was pointing out that Opera 9 seems to have been designed with acknowledgement of the resource limitation of these small devices & the browser does not attempt to play large, resource intensive, flash movies inside the web page like the Maemo browser tries (and sometimes fails!). Downloading the file and then playing in the media player should be at least an option with the browser (when DRM allows!).
    On the BBC IPlayer I am really surprised that there is no request for it! Obviously the team at Nokia working on the N96 knew that there is demend (i.e. mass appeal). See attached link:

    In terms of Nokia competition, see :

    Internet tablet produced by the same company that makes the N96 should at least have the same internet capabilities as the N96?

  10. 10 564.3

    Here is not really a “general audience” technical solution, but the whole picture is another point of view on the needs.

    I’m using a modified plagger (bunch of perl) to parse and transform RSS feeds, then store the result in IMAP folders. This is done periodically by cron jobs on my server (or I may miss items, as some RSS feeds are small for the news frequency).

    When I have internet access, I just download the “emails” – after running the script remotely if I want fresh content.
    On any device, all I need is a good mail reader (for example claws-mail).

    RSS items are exactly the same kind of data as emails (date,from,subject,content in plain text/images/basic html, custom headers if needed) and all kind of operation are supported (online/offline reading, quick view, mark as read, store for reference, search, edit, delete, etc).

    Some webservices provider should do something similar, with enough room for customization (at least provide IMAP to easily manage the data).

  11. 11 mye

    Liferea considers rewriting, that may be the perfect oppurtinity to also include mobile-device’s needs.

  12. It hangs? Can you run ‘PenguinTV –no-launcher’ from the command line and tell me what it says?

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