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An interesting coincidence in time: Forum Nokia is Calling All Innovators while Maemo looks for community projects for the prime time. If you are cooking something so great that people would like to carry always with them, this call is for you.

As for Maemo, we want to support community initiatives trying to develop impressive products. Free software developers are relatively good at coding amazing features, but their work many times don’t reach real users’ amazement due to lack of completeness, stability, performance, polished user experience, promotion… Community focus and corporate support can help in the last mile.

Maemo 5 comes with many new features and potential use cases worth exploring: HSPA support, high definition camera support, OMAP3 support, OpenGL ES and more. Squeeze them! Getting in the loop is a easy as editing a wiki page.

About the Calling All Innovators contest, Forum Nokia is actually trying to address (among other things) something that got me thinking years ago: what piece of software would change the life of those really needing a change? Not another media player, you bet. We all could do much better thinking beyond the usual use cases around (our relatively) comfortable lives.

Both calls are fully compatible. In case of doubt apply to both!

Image: Cupcakes Clone, by Toni Duguid (some rights reserved)


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  1. 1 Zac

    Squeeze them! Absolutely. Send’em over to my kitchen .

  2. Hi Quim,
    I’ve visited the wiki page you linked and I’ve a question: is that page the right place to propose a new (still to be written) application? I’d like to develop (with the help of other people, off course) that application I talked about to you at Maemo Summit (sharing GPS position… do you remember?).

    Please let me know 🙂

  3. 3 Joseph

    FYI, the “calling all innovators” page only works with JavaScript. Without JavaScript, you can still click on the map, but you get a “page not found” error.

    The choice of photo is a bit bizarre and almost entirely tangential and pretty certain to raise hackles due to its reinforcing gender stereotypes, and Zac pretty clearly keyed off on it. (Zac: Dude, seriously. This is 2008, not 1908.)

  4. 4 Joseph

    Also, where are the cupcakes? /me hopes the photo means that the maemo devs will be given free cupcakes. 🙂

  5. 5 Zac

    Joseph: Yea, couldn’t help myself though. 🙂

  6. 6 Joseph

    Zac: Yes. Yes, you could help yourself. There’s no excuse for being a pig.

  7. 7 lcuk

    I don’t think my missus would be happy with the cloned maids, just so it balances out can you find her some cloned gardeners?

    Oh no!
    Nokia cannot accept my upload, it says .deb files are not allowed!
    How on earth can I let the world know about my little idea if I cannot get it up? 😦

    With a bit of lateral thinking though, I’ve squeezed it in – I hope my doesn’t fool them 😉
    For the technology side you could do with letting them know there are more types of apps in the world.

  8. 8 Rafa

    ¿ Llamanos tambien a los desarrolladores del Nokia N770.?

    Con ilusión me gasté una pasta en esta pequeña maravilla, hasta que Nokia lo dio por muerto!

    Gracias Nokia, JAMAS apostaré por un producto de esta gente.
    Parece muy interesante los N800 y N810, pero… antes me compró un
    notebook tipo ASUS con Linux.

  9. 9 lauren


    i am offended by that picture … thnx lcuk and joseph for the comments … it isn’t 1908 and if you want to attract women into this community i would suggest a slightly less neanderthal approach might be better

    otherwise, a great idea and i want to make my lil app much better so it hopefully becomes a must-have for some people (mgcal)

  10. Hi there 🙂

    – .deb format is accepted according to so this is a bug.

    – True, Maemo 5 won’t run in the 770 (already Mamo 4 was difficult to make it fit). However you can submit brilliant ideas in the Maemo call, and I don’t see Forum Nokia specifiying any Maemo version in their call.

    – Gender issues? I do see them in the comments, not in the picture. It’s a creative self-portrait made by the woman you see pictured. If you have any complaints go tell her. (((btw, am I the only one thinking that someone familiar with women and cooking – specially cooking cakes- wouldn’t be offended by that picture?)))

  11. 11 lauren

    if you don’t see gender issues in the picture in this context then you are too stupid to run any kind of development effort and i for one am rather disappointed and somewhat offended by your attitude

  12. lauren, what I see is a real and natural woman having fun baking cakes + the same woman having fun creating and publishing that picture with an open license and an open feedback channel. I also see a picture that provoke thoughts in the borderline of our social unconsciousness: an additional reason to use it in a blog post. I’m just a humble writer willing to raise emotions, not a politically correct candidate running for a presidential election.

    Ask yourselves why nobody in the long thread of comments at Flickr considered the picture offensive. Did you ask the opinion of the women around you, by the way? I did.

  13. Perhaps I should delete all pictures of me cooking and knitting from the Internet so I wouldn’t enforce stereotypes?

    Pouches for N95 and Internet Tablet 770
    oh so 70ies
    Nom pizza


  14. I didn’t see it as sexist at all, its simply a wonderful picture.

    I instantly thought of the Kylie video (“come into my world”)

    My comment was simply about how Tracy should also have a version.

  15. 15 mikko

    I was also startled by the photo. The fact that the woman is also the artist (which alleviates the enforcement of stereotypical gender roles) wasn’t as clear as the high heels and the being busy in the kitchen part of the photo. Both men and women can and do enforce stereotypes that dictate what is acceptable behaviour for either sex.

    Your photos don’t strike me as enforcing stereotypes.

  16. Hi. My name is Toni. I enjoy baking cupcakes, getting dressed up, and not that it matters, but my college degree is in Electrical Engineering. How’s that for a stereotype? Should I have stacked a few engineering textbooks on the table to counteract the pearls? I’m glad qgil was able to enjoy and find use for the photo, and appreciated my time spent with the camera and Photoshop. Thanks for the interesting discussion. 🙂

  17. Since losing my job, I am doing most of the cooking, and damn well I might say! 🙂

  1. 1 sonson

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