Meeting at FOSDEM, Bossa… where else?


Corporate budget planning is an interesting science that leads you to look at the future in a quite pragmatic way. First half of 2009: where is Maemo going to be? Where is the Maemo community willing to go and meet?

The first Maemo Summit ever was a success! I was supposed to blog about that, but once I recovered there was little to add to the many testimonials, reviews, pictures, videos. So what’s next? Not another Summit yet, since we want to keep an annual periodicity.

Considering how well the Desktop Search Hackfest went, we could go for more developer gatherings with a fixed set of goals. We could gather in the middle of nowhere just for that purpose or we could also take a bigger event as a reference and extend the stay a couple of days. We could also support existing developer calls from e.g. GNOME or around issues and technologies related to the Maemo platform. If you have a goal in mind let us know.

About existing venues, FOSDEM and Bossa look like good candidates to pin something around. Guademy would be also an interesting event if it gets a third edition next year. I’m not counting yet GUADEC+aKademy because hopefully they will be organized in July-August and not before. Somewhere in North America would be cool as well, considering the amount of Maemo developers there. What else…?

Image: Foot on the road… by ℓú ℓαcєr∂α (some rights reserved)

10 Responses to “Meeting at FOSDEM, Bossa… where else?”

  1. Dude, LCA! 🙂

  2. LinuxTag 2009 – June 24-27th 2008 in Berlin.

  3. Sorry, I meant June 24th-27th, 2009 😉

  4. 4 Hrw

    FOSDEM is not good choice — too much talks in small amount of time make it hard already to choose which talks to attend.

    Maemo Summit was great event because there was a time to talk with people and to attend talks.

  5. 5 qgil

    I mean next to FOSDEM, 1-2 extra days- like the Maemo Summit was next to OSiM World. But then how many people can take the days off for FOSDEM + the Maemo only day(s)?

    This is why perhaps it’s a good idea to make a kind of developer gathering with some goals, so basically the developers working on those areas are the ones innterested to join. Smaller and more specialized.

  6. 6 H-Kachal

    How about somewhere nice and warm, like the south coast of Spain? Plenty of accomodation, good food, beer, nice beaches etc, etc.

  7. 7 allnameswereout

    Belgium has good beer. 🙂 I’m looking forward to FOSDEM + Maemo conference. On FOSDEM you can also meet a lot of other developers from important communities.

  8. I vote for FOSDEM doubtless.

  9. 9 Kate

    Fosdem, LinuxTag were good and i recommend them also 2009 .
    The North America looks like being a white spot in linux Desktop/Mobile Scene.
    There is lot of events in kernel/server/web scene but none in Desktop or Mobile.
    There is some of these expensive trade shows like like OSIM USA but in
    high price events, there is practically no developers at all. Only good NA
    event where i attended was Embedded Linux Conference, ELC.
    ELC participants were mostly developers and content mostly technical.
    Venue in 2007 was also excellent, Computer History museum !!
    I propose building maemo North America event around ELC.

  10. 10 seshdotcom

    How about going to a Hill station and spending time over there…Or to a resort????But I would also like to vote for FOSDEM

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