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  1. I think we also want to involve some of the people from Strigi and other desktop search engines.

    They contribute a lot to the Xesam specification which is definitely the ONE thing that needs most attention during this hackfest in my opinion.

    I’ll try to ping people and get them to contact you about this, Quim. You of course make the final decision of who does and who doesn’t get sponsorship (if there’s a selection involved here, I can imagine it wont be hundreds of people requesting sponsorship).

  2. 2 Jos

    Strigi and Nepomuk developers would love to come!

  3. 3 dBera (beagle)

    The time and the place do not quite work out for me. Its hard to escape if you are a immigrant graduate student in USA :-). I am hoping Arun or Lukas can make it.

    Good luck on the hackfest. I will keep checking blogs for up to date info, keep us posted.

  4. 4 Anders Feder

    Very interesting idea, Quim. Looking forward to see what will come out of this.

    I’m not contributing actively anywhere yet, but I would be interested in attending and Berlin should be within my price range. I can’t say for certain though as I’m moving soon and starting at the university in September – only when all that is settled can I say for certain.

  5. As you said, we’re getting more and bigger volumes. Some say this means we need desktop search even more. I figure if you just put stuff where it goes instead of all in ~, you’re fine, but whatever. Others say these large volumes make desktop search unbearable. The time wasted by how much these apps slow the computer down doesn’t make up for the supposed speed gained in finding something.

    Look at the problems this person has with them:

    She has so much data that if she uses Beagle, the index is 15GB! If she uses Tracker, it takes 2 full minutes *just to open the Save As dialog*.

    What good is it if the people with enough data to need these tools have their computers rendered unusable by the tools?

  6. 6 qgil

    Sure, invite the Strigi and Nepomuk guys and whoever else you think that needs to be there.

    I don’t decide WHO comes, you do. I can agree with you on a budget and this will define how many people from which origins can come, but that’s it.

    Urho Konttori proposed in the Xesam and Tracker list to start a wiki page at http://www.xesam.org/main/summit/September2008 . Start wherever you want, but start something and I will follow to decide on the practicalities. At the moment you are still spread in several mailing lists and it is very difficult to follow.

    @Mackenzie: many things working now seamlessly and flawlessly in the free desktop were a real pain (or plain impossible) just few years ago. Remember? Humans have always (tried to assist searches with technology as soon as they had some Mbs of information. The problem is that many users have stored and at reach more information that an average public library would had a century ago.

  7. 7 dBera

    @Mackenzie: OT for this blog entry, but the 15GB index was a known issue which has been addressed in the later versions. The index wasnt 15GB, the error log files were. Just FYI.

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