That GNOME week in Istanbul


Back to Helsinki. GUADEC was great but you already know that. Also, in no specific order:

  • Actually my preferred topic of discussion was and how to help the critical projects there.
  • GTK+ 3.0 will come and break. Finally. I liked how the GNOME Release Team was there shoulder by shoulder.
  • Chris presenting Gecko/Firefox and Alp presenting WebKit for GTK+: spectacular. Watch and see how this (r)evolves in the web runtime side of things.
  • Federico exposed brilliantly the problems of user Oralia finding files. He dismissed the relevance of the mobile (“who has a touchscreen anyway?”) but somehow I feel that mobile platforms for devices sharing content with local and online computers will push the solution of Oralia’s problem. Not a desktop doing local searches.
  • Gitorious, Transifex, Bazaar shirts and Mark Shuttleworth – something intense is going on in the crescent world of collaboration tools.
  • Interesting to see the most used applications in the Online Desktop.
  • Some speakers seemed to have fun joking about Python. Some other seemed to have fun showing cool stuff developed with Python. Computer Science is such a science.
  • Sorry guys but this time the GUADEC organizers beat everybody with the best shirt.
  • Glady surprised of seeing ARM in the list of sponsors.
  • Stormy Peters is not just great. She is also born in Barcelona and speaks fluent Spanish. We started talking business.
  • Offered to the board hosting a GNOME hackfest in the Maemo Summit.

And because not everything is free software in this life:

  • Istanbul Modern is cool. I was surprised.
  • Büyükada is beautiful. I was delighted.
  • Fener has an interesting history. I was touched.
  • Mosques and bridges fit together.
  • Pide, artichokes and aubergines forever – I expected more from fish though.
  • Still intrigued about women covered with black veil, specially those walking with other women or husbands dressing jeans.

Last but not least, Katja was impressed about the people and the ways of working and sharing in GUADEC. But I had been telling her about GNOME the project, the people and the events during 3 years at least. There is a marketing & communication problem here, since we cannot send the World to GUADEC to let them see with their own eyes. Should GNOME produce good video marketing?


7 Responses to “That GNOME week in Istanbul”

  1. Please Quim, not tabs in maemo 😛

  2. 2 Anders Feder

    Nice writeup, but GNOME Terminal ranked #2 at Online Desktop most used apps? Disturbing. Better be because only developers are using Online Desktop at this point.

  3. 3 qgil

    Sure Anders, I found interesting the fact that the tool registers the real usage of the applications instead of, say, mere downloads. The results today are almost irrelevant. Convince only e.g the Guadalinex network of having this service installed in the thousands of PCs in schools and you will get a very different ranking.

    I have it now and I don’t open the terminal more than once a month. 🙂 I was thinking if we can have something similar improving the Downloads.

  4. 4 Lefty

    I think the video idea is very interesting. It would have been great to have someone wandering around doing five-minute “lightning interviews” that we could repost on YouTube and elsewhere. I volunteer to help make this happen for next year.

    FYI, if anyone hasn’t seen, I’ve created a GUADEC 2009 group on Facebook. I think it could be a good resource for early planning activities, please give it love.

    Istanbul rocked, I was only sorry that you and I didn’t get more of an opportunity to chat.

  5. Lefty, something like this is planned for the Maemo Summit and if successful maybe GUADEC 2009. Lightening interviews, behind the scenes action, talks e.t.c.

    Hopefully we can get the coverage right and interesting enough for the community.

  6. 6 Juanjo Marin

    Hi Quim, what do you mean with “Stormy Peters is not just great”. By the way, I think that be born in Barcelona is great, thou nobody can make think that it was a deliberate action of the brand new babies 🙂

  7. 7 qgil

    The fact is, science hasn’t been able to proof what is the influence of newborns towards their parents. 😉

    I wouldn’t write these chauvinistic bad jokes if I wouldn’t be an emigrant since 1999. 😉

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