Maemo BoF at GUADEC: how it sounds


Uploading the large audio file of the Maemo BoF at GUADEC is taking more time than expected… I’ll try again tonight.

In the meantime here are some comments about the topic that seems to raise more interest: Qt approaching Maemo. Summarizing things said here and there… Nokia is investing now more than ever in GTK+ and other GNOME related technologies. Fremantle is going to be great and all based in GNOME. Harmattan is another major release, still far in time, that will bring Qt officially supported and a better integration to the Nokia crossplatform offering.

You have many questions about toolkits, and so do I. It’s too early for Harmattan details. First comes Fremantle and all the new stuff it will bring! Planned to come with early roadmap announcement and weekly releases from alpha to final.

No matter what, components like HAL, D-Bus, BlueZ, Glib, GObject, X, GStreamer or Telepathy will keep playing an essential role in the Maemo platform. This is one reason for Nokia to say that the projects deserve and need all the help to be in the best shape for the (mobile) prime time. This is something that meta-players like the Linux Foundation, GNOME or KDE have been advocating for and trying to push in the last years. The Collaboration Summit and the planned joint GUADEC/aKademy in 2009 are clear steps in that direction.

The Maemo project and its relationships consolidated after three years of public life plus the fact of having the former Trolltech team now inside Nokia as well puts this big company in an interesting position when it comes to help in the cross-desktop and Linux mobile defragmentation efforts. Add to this the favorable collateral open source trend the Symbian Foundation move is bringing. You understand why GUADEC is a good time to discuss about bringing the Nokia contribution to a next level.

Or put simply: help Maemo to help you more and better.

  • How can Nokia work better with the upstream projects developing the pieces that build the Maemo platform?
  • How can the Maemo platform help other cool projects moving forward in the mobile context?
The Bosphorus view and the Eastern crescent moon might well serve as a background for this fruitful discussion.  🙂  The Maemo Summit at Berlin will be another good venue to discuss face to face. If your project is great but your pockets are humble we can help.
PS: Stormy, congratulations for the new (and very needed) role!

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  1. Looking forward to the information that comes from the Maemo summit. Lets hope we will see some concrete information, mock-ups and a time schedule for Freemantle.

  2. Same here, really looking forward to the Maemo Summit.

  3. 3 Arthur

    Nokia should co-opt Gentoo Linux for the Maemo distribution. All this really means is having one developer maintain a cross building tool chain and a few packages.

    – The rest of the Gentoo platform is available to users (it is very ease to build a package for an unsupported platform)
    – Much of the work for arm for a phone was already quickly done:
    – Perhaps you might lead other manufactures, like OpenMoko, to support a common meta-distribution so you can all benefit. The alternative is maintaining your own or being beholden to the distribution’s release cycle. Gentoo does not have a release cycle it is always up to date.
    – At a recent kernel event Gentoo was the preferred personal distribution for developers.

  4. 4 anon

    You say not to worry about Harmatton, yet as a prospective developer it does matter.

    If you are going to move Maemo to Qt then why should I invest time writing for the current Maemo platform if I will have to plan to rewrite in the future?

    If you are planning to support both Qt and GTK+ on Maemo at the same time then why should I be interested in a platform that will be confused as to its identity, and given the memory limited nature of the platform wasting precious memory on 2 toolkits?

  5. 5 Sean Kelley

    Qt or Gtk, it doesn’t matter to me. I love working on open source software. I think the Maemo platform has a lot going for it.

  6. 6 foo

    Please push Maemo changes and software back into Debian.

  7. 7 qgil

    anon: this is just my personal opinion by I think prospective developers will rethink and rewrite anyway a lot of their current applications when making them successful in the mobile context. Not only the toolkits but the whole UI layers and paradigms are quite unstable nowadays. And this is good, a lot of innovation is going on. Do you have a clear idea of what GTK+/GNOME and Qt/KDE will offer for mobile platforms in two years? I don’t. Who has?

    Staying in the desktop until the mobile interfaces and toolkits get consolidated is an option I would not recommend in these precious years. Is it there a mobile platform promising long term continuity and peace in your code these days? If it exists, do you think it would be a sure (and exciting) bet?

    “Memory limited nature” is becoming less limited and natural if you look at the fast hardware evolution of mobile devices. I see no concerns there.

    foo: better synchronization with Debian is something we really need to do, agreed. Our current process has been good enough to push all the releases we have made but now it is time to make some essential improvements in our platform development/ Alignment and collaboration with Debian (let me add Ubuntu Mobile here as well, without getting into details) is in my opinion an essential step forward. Debian maintainers interested in Maemo, let’s talk.

  8. 8 foo

    Frankly I never understood why Maemo felt the need to fork Debian instead of contributing to it. Same for Ubuntu and myriad other distros.

    I don’t think there needs to be any talk about doing it, just upload the packages, file bugs/patches and test use of the debian-installer on Nokia devices.

    And do some re-education of Nokia about patents and ogg and stuff 😉

  9. 9 foo

    Bah, forgot to add “like HP did back when the hppa architecture got added to Debian”. I suggest watching the video from Bdale’s talk about HP & Debian at DebConf7:

    [audio src="" /]
    [audio src="" /]

  10. 10 Peter

    The one thing I’d like with the hildon stuff that has been moved/moving to gnome is some more clear documentation and releases. I think hildon 2 is now out but I can’t find tarballs or details of the release. I’d love to package it all up for Fedora but it seems impossible at the moment, or at least a very daunting task. Yea I know I could probably download it all from svn but that’s not how official releases are meant to operate. If you are contributing it to gnome for MID style devices it looks more like a code dump and run to me.

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