lcuk rolls the scrolls


I’m so glad lcuk has published this liqbase overview video. When Gary showed us his stuff in LinuxTag we were impressed. I told him: the world needs to know. He was totally humble, still calling himself a newbie in maemo development…


7 Responses to “lcuk rolls the scrolls”

  1. 1 Vadim P.

    That is very cool.

    Kinda makes me want to get a Nokia, but I’m waiting on an MID to ship first…

  2. 2 Max

    Oh man… This is what I’m looking for…
    I hope you can invert the Colors for the text too?
    For reading it would be great to have a constant scroll speed and the ability to remember where in the text I stopped.

  3. 3 jegHegy

    That is absolutely gorgeous.

  4. 4 Eruaran

    This is great stuff, well done.

  5. 5 John Berube (Jchord)

    Very nice! I have wanted something like this for quite some time! I look forward to using this!

  6. 6 H-KACHAL

    I really like the note taking / scrolling capability. Any idea when this is going to be avzilable to use?

  7. H-KACHAL,

    Yes, liqbase is currently undergoing extensive user testing and exists as an open source applicaiton within the garage.

    It is installable by either visiting my website (which includes an overview of the current features), or by adding the extras-devel repository.

    Its come a long way from these beginnings ๐Ÿ™‚


    thanks for your support so far ๐Ÿ™‚


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