LinuxTag: see you there?


Are you going to LinuxTag this year? Berlin, end of May. Who would you like us to invite to discuss about maemo stuff [EDITED: on Thursday 29th]?

11 Responses to “LinuxTag: see you there?”

  1. Not sure yet, it depends a little bit on my schedule, but Berlin is a very nice city. So I might visit LinuxTag.

  2. 2 Carlos

    Invite me to show how beautiful Flash works on the n800
    by presenting 🙂


  3. I am planning to be there, but maybe one of the days only. Is there a closed date for maemo event? Thanks.

  4. 4 qgil

    Apparently Thursday 29th but it’s not 100% confirmed. I will let you know as soon as it’s confirmed in the schedule.

  5. Yeah a planned date for the Maemo talks would be nice to know in advance.
    Looking forward for it.

  6. 6 qgil

    Thursday 29th: 100% confirmed.

  7. 7 keesj

    LinuxTag would be a good target for a cool mamona hack!

  8. 8 Finite

    Quim, if you get a chance it would be nice to hear your thoughts on this thread.

  9. 9 qgil

    Hi Finite, I’m following the thread and willing to comment but haven’t found the time to write a proper post. Having an interesting and still open discussion at maemo-users about “Is OS2006 still supported?” didn’t make it easier. 🙂

  10. 10 qgil

    @Finite: done.

  11. 11 Nokius

    i will see !

    I have only to use the s-Bahn from Potsdam to Berlin.

    will samebady from the Nokia maemo team join??

    see you !

    P.S. came the new N810 WImax?!?


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