Going to OSiM @ SF


Next week I’m flying to San Francisco to take part in the Open Source in Mobile USA conference and spend some extra days meeting people in the Bay Area. My role in product management at Nokia is evolving and I’m taking more responsibilities over open source in general, beyond the maemo development platform.

Ari Jaaksi (director of Open Source Operations) has a talk on Wednesday morning: Understanding What Mass Market Mobile Users Need and How Mobile Open Source Solutions can Help Achieve This. Kate Alhola (maemo support in Forum Nokia + tablet hacker herself) will be attending as well, along with other California based work mates.

There is already an informal meeting being cooked around GNOME Mobile on Tuesday at lunchtime. I’m happy organizing something informal i.e. a maemo dinner to discuss and laugh in that way no email or blog can beat. Let me know if you are interested, here in the comments or at quim dot gil nokia com. This is an open proposal, not even tied to the conference. maemo love / interest is just enough!

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  1. 1 mallum

    Hey Quim, I’ll be there too. Doing a ‘Clutter technology demonstration’ – 11:30 on the Wednesday. C u there..

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