Aesthetix of Matrics


There is something beautiful in here, somehow. Click to enlarge.


7 Responses to “Aesthetix of Matrics”

  1. 1 ethana2

    09F9.. nope
    45F5… nope
    pi? ..don’t think so…
    e? ..don’t think so…


    I don’t get it.

  2. 2 Joseph

    Seconding the “not getting it”

  3. 3 Amit

    The ‘selected’ lines look like tetris blocks

  4. 4 h-kachal

    It’s a flashing neon sign saying ” YOU NEED A HOLIDAY!!”

  5. Aesthetics is precisely about not getting it: 😉

  6. Hahha, nice shot Quim!

    Thanks for the viral marketing 😉

    For clarifying some minds..this is a random shot I done after installing radare on my n810.

    This is an hexdump of the /bin/ls ELF header from 0xb4 (random offset) selecting some other (random bytes) just to show that the cursor and visual mode works fine with the slide-out keyboard.

    Thanks nokia for this awesome device and environment.


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