The N810 codes for maemo contributors, next week


The N810 discounts for maemo contributors will be ready to be used in the online Nokia shops taking part of this program… next week. I was reluctant to give any date when I mentioned ‘around 15/dec’ and I’m still reluctant to give any exact day of next week since the factors are many and at maemo we don’t control any of them.

The unrelated good thing about this delay is that we have found extra time to agree the inclusion of Nokia Canada in the program. Contributors living in Canada will be able to get their discounted devices without international hassle, no matter what shop they selected when applying.

Instructions and codes for everybody next week.

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  1. Any news is good news and you guys are doing a fabulous job! Happy Holidays, Quim!

  2. 2 fpp

    Thanks for keeping us posted Quim ! What’s a few days more or less ? There have been grumpy remarks, but it’s still a great Xmas present, and it’s thanks to the maemo team !

    Happy holidays to all,

  3. Being one of the most critics about the lack of information about the process, I must say I’m very happy about it. Thanks for the info, even if problems arise and codes don’t totally work next week, it is great to have some input.

  4. 4 Fabian Rodriguez

    Glad to hear that I don’t need to move to the U.S.

    Now I have to buy back my house but that’s a small inconvenience 🙂

  5. 5 TenSpeed

    Great to hear that the devices should be available next week (barring any surprises). Also, a HUGE thanks from the developers in Canada – that’s wonderful news!

  6. 6 yabbas

    Thanks for the update 🙂

  7. Thank you very much, Quim, for this update! Maybe Nokia will one day explain the reasons of this strange delay in activating the discount codes but the most important is that (soon!) they’ll be activated and the N810 in our hands 🙂

  8. 8 Gideon de Kok

    You guys seriously rock!

    Can’t wait to get the email in my inbox! 🙂

  9. 9 Lorenz

    I missed out completely on the whole thing…man, I’d love to have a (discounted) N810. Have fun with it, everyone…

  10. 10 Sokratus

    Good news! Big thanks!

    As I know, Nokia is going to open an on-line store in Russia in the begining of 2008.

    Do you now if there will be an opportunity to buy N810 in russian on-line store?

  11. As always, a big thank you! 😀

  12. Thanks for letting us know Quim.

    I think most of us are okay with waiting as long as someone is keeping us informed of when the wait is likely to be over, and as long as we don’t have to wait too much longer! 😉

  13. @Sokratus: all I know about availability in Russia and other countries was posted at

    Thank you all for your understanding.

  14. 14 Alex

    Woohoo for Canada, big big thanks! 😀

  15. 15 Sokratus

    2 qgil: I am just trying to decide where to buy N810. One my friend will go to business trip to US, another friend will go to Canada. And I will go to Russia.

    What is the difference in device in different country?

  16. Cheers for the info, I was wondering how long will the “soon” be that was mentioned over a month ago. But at least we’ll get the devices “soon” 😉

    Happy holidays!

  17. O.K. I am having hard times waiting for my N810 but I think it was a good idea to inform us whether we would receive a discount code or not as early as possible. And I also think it was a good idea to send out the discount codes already. Nothing could be a better prove that one was accepted in the program.

    To be honest I had to leave a lecture to scream of joy when I saw the mail with my code. Now I look at my code daily until I can smile on a shiny new N810 😉

    Happy X-Mas everyone!

  18. 18 anonymous

    > … next week

    … is nearly over… but I think it’s THE question: X-Mas yes/no? Do Nokia organize special express delivery for all of us if it’s late friday evening, when I hope to type an accepted discount code? (I expect friday evening since saturday, when I read your blog 😉 )

  19. Yes, it’s not that nice when people have gotten their devices from shops for a few days now and we’re still waiting. And I hope that I can go to the Nokia Store and get the device from there with the discount code, it would be quite annoying to order the device by mail and wait for several days…

  20. 20 anonymous

    >> … next week

    >… is nearly over

    1 hour 30 minutes to go (if even possible now) before any delivery stations doesn’t accept any packages for today… … anyone must do a miracle to get N810 for christmas.
    Do we get a special website tomorrow by mail where we can put our addresses for express delivery?

    I think, profit maximisation wins over us 😦

  21. Anyone know how we will be notified when the stores are ready? Personally addressed email? Blog? Maemo dev list email? I don’t want to miss it…

  22. 22 Shawn

    Originally they planned on sending the notices out via carrier turkeys around thanksgiving…. that didn’t workout too well. I thought someone mentioned spider pig might be used. Has anyone else noticed grocery stores have been selling a lot of ham this Christmas?!? DOh! 🙂

    (sorry to anyone who has not seen the Simpson’s Movie)


  23. Come on, Quim, I think it’s time now 😉
    THE week is about to end in ~40 hours: I’ve just received a call from Father XMas asking me the location of the Nokia shop from where he’s supposed to get my N810 😉

  24. Well, the german Nokia Online Shop people didn’t manage to activate the codes this week. So the Nokia N810 will become a new year present.

    Thanks for you support, Quim! Happy holidays!

  25. 25 nervergetter

    any news guys? c’mon let not make this the bad-apple’s style

  26. 26 anonymous

    I know the maemo folks have no big influence on Nokias politics, but still I don’t get why there is such a big delay to make the codes work – I can’t imagine it is THIS hard to activate the codes within the shops.
    What strange policies drove Nokia to not put a bit of pressure on their sales division (or who ever is responsible).
    Especially, given that from a marketing point of view it would make perfect sense to give the devices to developers *first* instead of “last”, as they are the ones to support the platform with nice applications.
    I know, many of the developers getting the N810 discount already have a N800 or N700, but I don’t have any “Internet Tablet” yet. Given that OS2008 runs on N800 it’s no big deal to use the N800 in the mean time.
    So those without any of the IT yet, are the ones who suffer most.

    It seems very likely that we will not get the device this year :-(.

    Anyway, please keep us updated so we can order the N810 at the moment the discount code get cleared.

    Thank you for your maemo work and sorry for the rant.

  27. 27 anonymous

    > What strange policies drove Nokia to not put a bit of pressure on their sales
    > division (or who ever is responsible).

    I think it’s related that other people buy N810 at full price because of a lot of positive reviews last weeks, so they will become the first ones.

    > So those without any of the IT yet, are the ones who suffer most.

    Me too 😦 I don’t have a 770 or N800…

    > Thank you for your maemo work and sorry for the rant.

    Yes, I think everyone means Nokia. Quim makes a great job!

    Anyway, I was *very* confident that N810 becomes a “christmas present” for us. I have a lot of free time next weeks to learn this new device, trying out what’s possible and start developing with the experience from two *full* weeks of real use. Oh, that was only a dream…

    Now, I bought an automatic Espresso machine as a personal christmas present (and to let my eye open when I receive my mailbox 😉 ) … maybe I find a SDK for it ? 🙂

  28. 28 mark

    And now? Any new informations? What happens next days?

    Thank you, especially Quim, and merry xmas!

  29. 29 Sokratus

    I’ve discovered that N810 is avalable at ( and (

    I am not sure if they accept promo codes.

  30. 30 Shawn

    Would it be possible to get an update on the timeline?

    Also I think a couple hundred folks would like to get some understanding of what happened, and why all the mix-up and delays.

    Please don’t think I’m ungrateful by my questions, just vary weary of waiting and wondering when.


  31. 31 mark

    Good morning, N810 is available since ‘some days’ in different countrys 🙂 But Nokia doesn’t accept the discount codes in their shops. And they don’t feel to answer between counting $$ from regular N810 buyers 😉

  32. 32 Paul

    Nokia Store in the US is showing out of stock. has the N810 for $418 ( I have been waiting for weeks for this holding off my decision to buy either the N810 or an iPod Touch. My plan now is to wait until MacWorld on Jan. 15th and see if Apple has any new models unless this program is just an incredible bargin. Nokia missed an opportunity to win me early with the delays in this program. My enthusiasm is waining…

  33. 33 H-Kachal

    It looks like the worldwide demand has been outstripping the supply of the N810 fast at full RRP. This might have come as a surprise to Nokia? Who are probably struggling to meet the demand. At least one on-line retailer in the UK is actually asking for a higher price than the RRP!
    I am sure Quim will have a full explanation when back from vacation. In the meantime you lucky winners have to just be patient!!

  34. 34 Luarvique L. Luarvique

    So, if not in December, when are discount codes going to work? I am currently deciding whether to wait with a software release until I get the real hardware (i.e. N810) to test the Maemo port on, or scrap the Maemo port for now and just release all the other stuff. There is no way I can release source code only tested on an emulator, spending $400+ to test it feels excessive, and the discount does not seem to materialize.

  35. 35 David

    Look guys, I know we’re all getting a little impatient, but these discount codes have been honored before and I suspect they will be honored again. There is no point buying something else when you have this kind of deal. Even if it happens later than expected, the final result will be a really excellent deal for a greap product. So let’s all be patient.

  36. People who develop and port free, open-source software for the Nokia tablets invest tens or hundreds of hours into the work – for themselves, for the community and for Nokia. The discount codes are an effective tool to motivate and reward them and generate enthusiasm for the work. The nearly two-month delay has reduced this motivation.

    People who are high-profile bloggers and other types who received the codes were chosen because they were in a good position to promote the tablets. The delay has reduced their potential to make a positive impact on product launch.

    Aside from getting the codes activated in a timely manner, the next best thing that could help ameliorate the situation would be some forthcoming information from Quim or Nokia about the cause of the delay and what is being undertaken to correct it.

    I am playing with new game ports on my 770 right now. One of them is really awesome. I expect to package them for OS2006, 2007 and 2008 some time after receiving the N810.

  37. 37 Nathan

    This situation is very ludicrous, I haven’t seen a developer launch go as badly as this before — I really appreciate getting selected for the code, don’t get me wrong.

    And this is the worst time for it to go wrong. You have Apple coming up behind you (and in someways way ahead with the iphone/itouch) and Google w/ Android also coming soon.

    Being told to wait until Dec 15th was well in a word a pain, but livable (No reason given). Then finding out it would be the “week” of the 15th was just annoying (again no reason given) — no longer was it a fixed date but on the 15th it was “changed” to sometime this week 15th-21st… Now, all of a sudden the Nokia / Maemo team has gone totally silent, codes are still not working and we are almost 15 days after the original promise of the 15th. Which is also somewhere around 50 days after we got the codes and they still aren’t active. And the N810 has been sold in the USA for the majority of that time. Do we have a reason, nope. Just a silent maemo team; no news and a lot of frustrated developers.

    The whole handling of this is beyond reasonable. No explanations, just delays. This attitude in the core maemo developers really (really) concerns me as a new developer on the Maemo platform.

    Lack of communication/support will kill this project. This isn’t the only area I’ve seen this disregard of the non-nokia developers. Even though I don’t have any of the IT devices I’ve been reading the maemo developer lists, forums, blogs, etc to learn what I can while playing with the scratchbox.

    And when I see that parts of the system are closed source and features/functionality that the open source developers needs won’t get added by the Nokia/Maemo team because it isn’t a “high” or “business” priority; I really have to wonder: Is this just another 9-5 job for you? Or are you serious about wanting this platform to succeed?

    If you can’t open source small parts of the system because of licensing, lawyers, or ceo’s interfering; then by all means you should make sure that even the most trivial features that can help the non-nokia devs would get implemented. Like the umak.ko request that surfaced again on dec 4th. ( — Responses like Kalle’s (don’t mean to pick on Kalle, just his post was the first one I easily found again) really worry me. He is the only one who can handle the request; but he is unwilling to do so. Sorry, if you are the gatekeeper, it is your responsibility to try and facilitate any changes in the closed parts that “we” need. You telling me “no”, doesn’t inspire me at all, for the “support” that “we” need. Please note: I don’t need this functionality, it doesn’t effect me — I’m using this post set purely as a example; but if that is the general attitude to your non-nokia developers; then “we” are really in a lot of trouble and I may have picked the wrong platform.

    No, I did not have launch the Maemo platform nor am I intimately involved with the day to day operations. But in the grand scheme of things; that won’t matter if your platform flops because of lack of developer support. This “free” advise to fix your communications and actually SUPPORT your developers is coming from someone who has spent that last 20+ years developing software (& hardware) and understands the industry fairly well. If doesn’t matter how good your platform is; if you don’t have developers it will flop. In fact we all have seen time and time again that it can be a fairly poor platform, with great developer support and do much better than a great platform with poor support. If you don’t keep your developers happy; they will choose another platform. And right now, you can’t afford to alienate your developers like you have been doing. You have Google & Apple breathing down your necks, and both of them have a lot of things going for them that you don’t.

    Just me .02 cents..


  38. Hi, I’m on holidays and this is the only reason for me to stay silent. You are unhappy about the delays and so do I. The maemo team has done all their steps in time, but then some complications arised in some shops and here we are afaik. Once they fix this the discounts will work, and there is nothing else the maemo team can do apart from waiting like you.

    Taking all the blame for these delays, I also feel that there are some comments a bit unfair. These devices are a recognition to a bunch of actual and potential maemo contributors. Not a Christmas present, nor a gadget to be bought at a discounted price instead of whatever cool device comes from other companies.

    With the SDK and a PC you can go way ahead developing software and with an N800 you can get almost everything. I fully understand John Costigan when he says he can’t fix the internal GPS detection in Maemo Mapper until he gets an N810, but I don’t understand some people saying that they can’t move forward because of this delay.

    Then we can talk about opensourcing stuff, Xmas sales, the iPod Touch, Android and so on. As interesting and collateral these topics are, in fact they have no link to the N810 maemo contributors program and the current situation.

    PS: Have a happy new year. 2007 has been pretty exciting and 2008 looks even more intriguing.

  39. 39 anonymous

    You are right that it’s wrong to blame the maemo team for the delay. On the other hand you are the one with access to (probably disclosed) information and have at least some sort of small influence on/contact to the distribution channels.
    I agree with Nathan and pupnik, that the program is about promoting the device and generating synergy effects in the community.
    So it’s about attracting new developers to the platform by giving them an incentive (by the subliminal way of giving them discounted devices instead of money).
    And given that there are other platforms, Nokia (and the maemo team) needs to pay attention to keep the developers motivated to contribute or the whole idea of the contributors program failed. You can not decouple the competing platforms from the situation (and Nathan makes some valid arguments) as those also reach out for a community to bind and very few (OSS) developers have the time to support more than one community at a time.
    I guess most of the new developers (those without a N800 or N770) installed the SDK, read the tutorials and started some work – but you can’t deny that developing without a device is not as motivating.
    It’s not just the delay, but the lack of information that worries most of us.
    Please don’t get me wrong. I appreciate your work and I like the idea of the program (which is thought to be a mutual benefit, don’t forget that).
    Ok, enough of those strong words! I’ll hope we see the codes working in the next few days/weeks.

    Last but by all means not least:
    A happy new year to all of you! And keep up the great work you all do!

  40. 40 Nathan

    >>Hi, I’m on holidays and this is the only reason for me to stay silent.<<

    Actually, since you were the one who originally posted the 15th, then in this blog the week of the 15th — YOU should have posted as soon as you knew that it wasn’t going to happen. It doesn’t matter what you were doing, and where you were (about the only valid excuse would be in the hospital or dead, which I was certainly was hoping you weren’t ) — as soon as the 21st arrived and the codes weren’t working you NEEDED to post. This is what I am alluding to in my prior post about a lack of communication, we had none. (Btw, have a great holiday)

    >> You are unhappy about the delays and so do I <>but then some complications arised in some shops and here we are afaik.<>Taking all the blame for these delays, I also feel that there are some comments a bit unfair.<<

    LOL, The good & bad are yours. If you post x, and x doesn’t happen you will take the blame; and it is yours to take — however what you do with it is really what matters. And in this case I believe you did not do the right things. I believe most people would have understood had you said: “I’m sorry folks, due to some more problems getting the codes activated in some of the shops it won’t be live this week. I’m hoping for “x” for when the problems are fixed — I’ll keep you updated”. And as you get close to “x” you find out what the status is and you again update us…

    [quote]With the SDK and a PC you can go way ahead developing software and with an N800 you can get almost everything. ….. I don’t understand some people saying that they can’t move forward because of this delay.[/quote]

    I don’t have any IT devices to test it on. I really don’t know how what I’m working on will even perform since my computers w/ scratchbox are fast w/ lots of memory. I can be going down the wrong direction just because I can’t test some things on a live IT machine. I’m moving forward — but I know I could move a lot faster in some areas by being able to see what limitation are present; and the best ways to optimize around them. But again, my post is not about the lack of a IT device, nor the codes — it is about the lack of developer support from the Nokia/Maemo folks.

    [quote]Then we can talk about opensourcing stuff, Xmas sales, the iPod Touch, Android and so on. As interesting and collateral these topics are, in fact they have no link to the N810 maemo contributors program and the current situation.[/quote]

    Actually they do — the problem to me isn’t that the codes aren’t active — your missing the point of my post! The mishandling of the “codes” is just ANOTHER example of the communication/support issue that I was trying to bring up in my prior post. (And the only reason why I was posting)

    Their is a profound lack of communication from the internal Nokia/Maemo team to the Open Source developers. The codes “status” should have been handled in a much better fashion, and it really is just another data point in a long line of communication breakdowns that I have seen in the last couple months of researching things about the Maemo platform. Their never should have been a situation where the Open Source devs didn’t have a clue what in the world was going on with anything (not just the codes) — and in the cases where the documentation/source CAN’T be released then work arounds should be developed ***.

    This seems to be a underlying problem that worries me greatly. I don’t really want to see the platform die because of a lack of communication causing your developers to depart for the “Andriod” or “IPhone” which both of them are going to be your largest competitors in this space (imho).


    *** I have some ideas that would please most developers I believe, in the case of the stuff that is closed currently — but should be a minor issue for you guys — if your interested.

  41. 41 anonymous

    I don’t own a 770 or N800 and never have seen it in real life. It’s like developing a suspension for a car that I don’t ever have driven. I even don’t know if I get this device for real.
    This is not the way I develope (from guesses), because developing itself takes so much time.
    I developed a litte tool for Symbian/Python without testing it on the device itself. This was the first and last try because I guessed things that doesn’t exist the device.

    I’m very happy with this thread and their postings (even if it looks a bit frustrating) because I haven’t any other source of informations the last days. I called Nokia friday 21th how I can activate my discount code. But no one knows something about discount codes for N810.
    1st, I was proud and happy to get a discount code. But no minute later I was doubtful and said to me: only if I have this device in my hand, everything was/is real.

  42. 42 Luarvique L. Luarvique

    About developing on an emulator:
    Yes, you can develop on an emulator, but there are limits to what you can do. Releasing a program that has only been run on an emulator and never on a real device is not practical, unless you are prepared to handle flood of negative user responses and debug problems blindly, like if you were debugging a martian rover. And no, unfortunately I have neither N770 nor N800.

  43. 43 Fred

    Hi Quim,

    Happy New Year to you and everybody around you.
    Thanks for all that was achieve in 2007 and particularly OS2008 !
    I, like a lot of people, am waiting to be able to get a very discounted N810 but then it’s not my only goal in life so I’ll wait some more … 😉 I must admit that I have a N800 and it is very nice with OS2008 … lucky me !
    We all hope to hear from you soon.


  44. 44 fanoush

    “With the SDK and a PC you can go way ahead developing software ….. I don’t understand some people saying that they can’t move forward because of this delay.”
    Just commenting this bit. Well, in theory you are right but reality is different. Very few people will ‘waste’ time with SDK if they don’t have the device in hand. Developers are busy people. Some of the time devoted to Maemo may be even stolen from family, job etc. Without enough motivation people will better spent time elsewhere. I know from personal experience that unless one has device in hand the motivation is quite low. Once you get it, it is completely different matter 🙂 So while your comment is technically correct, we are humans and so it doesn’t work like this. Also the timing was unfortunate. Many people had some spare time over Christmas so they could start coding (and then continue despite busy life). This window of opportunity is lost. So to sum it up – the delay was bad thing for community. Anyway, let’s move on, happy new year 🙂

  45. 45 Sergey Udaltsov

    Thanks for the update and keeping us informed (I am talking about your comment from 30.12). May be, it is worth separate blog post (so it would be visible in p.m.o)? It would be especially cool if you could give some date estimation for the people with discount codes.

    Happy New Year to you and Nokia – and thanks for the great job you all are doing.

    (Having bought Ipod Touch for my kid – it is nowhere near n800 experience!)

  46. 46 nervergetter

    let’s be short about this: enough people were disapointed (what a community has and a bussiness does not)

    It’s not a gift for christmass ? I bet 90% of us has seen it as a cool thing to receive while in the hollyday therefore a gift (true, not in the real sense, but still a gift to brag about it).

    Take that gift away and don’t bother to give an explanation. A kid will cry for the gift,
    an IT geek (grown up kid) will be even more upset to be left in the dark.

    I bet again for 90% of us is not about buying the device at full price (grown up kid, remember?).

    Anyway this sux. Hoping the guy managing the n810 distribution(!maemo) gets fired (although i doubt it, i smell that from the financial point of view he has a good review. aka for 500*400 = 200.000E delayed will get a promotion)

  47. When the order codes are finally working, will we also have to wait for N810s to come back in stock in the online stores, or are there 500 set aside for the developers?

  48. 48 anonymous

    I’ve heard that we get the N810i with 8mb memory onboard installed and faster GPS exclusively 1st.
    Rumors told me, there exist small dpad button at left bottom to the display, so no keyboard is needed when you need to navigate through a bigger screen!

    So please stop ranting Quim and Nokia, sit back and wait!

  49. Heh, nevergetter does describe the feelings quite well. Motivation to do open-source work is sometimes more emotional than rational (who would rationally spend this much time on something for no pay?).

    Being the ‘point man’ for public relations is never fun when things don’t go as planned.

    “Out of our hands, issues to be resolved with the stores” means Quim can’t do anything more now to speed it up. I’m thankful for that response; When something terrible and unchangeable in life strikes, sometimes It’s just good know that someone is there, enduring it with you.

    Thanks Quim. Let’s make it a good 2008. 🙂

  50. Well, I understand everyones frustrations, but beating up Quim seems like the least effective way to achieve results. Quim thought we would have them multiple times, he obviously had information about its release which turned out to be incorrect. I appreciate the sharing especially since he probably gets an email a day whining asking what the deal is.

    As far as turning off developers, when they get a device they will develop for it, could it have gone better, well yes, but cmon..

    I purchased a 770 new for 350$, I purchased a n800 new for 400$. I asked to be part of the developer program for the first time and was accepted. If you want to develop for this platform, then run out and buy a n800 for 200$ (a steal btw) and “qwit yer bitchen!!” If you have never owned a device and were accepted by program, you should consider yourself lucky. I wouldn’t have given you one.

    There are some cases where not having devices will stop you from development like Quim said, like John’s MaemoMapper, or Fanoush’s Bootmenu. I build 100+ seperate packages for KDE and dont test until its all complete and on the device, and everything always goes well. Fanoush uses people with a device he does not have to help debug issues with his package and then updates it accordingly. I have never tested it inside scratchbox, I guess because I never setup X inside scratchbox. I guess if you have completed code you can not test, you can send it to others to test. I am very jealous of people using KDE on n810, since I dont have one, but what can you do?

    I agree that Nokia (Not Maemo) seems to have boched this, especially by telling bloggers their getting something, then not delivering. This does not generate good press and is counter productive to the cause. The other problem I have, as has been pointed out in many places. Nokia SHOULD give the first devices to the developers. Instead, many of the first people with n810’s in hand, were in the least capable position to debug issues. The most capable people to provide guidance have no device to help.

    Hopefully the CES here in a few days will deliver a nice present for 2008.

    I bought my 770 in Jan 2006, I bought my n800 in Jan 2007, so if I get my n810 in Jan 2008, I guess it will be right on schedule. 🙂

    Be-lated Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year…

  51. Hi all,

    Good news !

    Today, the Nokia Internet Tablet N810 became finally available in Belgium, and the good news is, … my promotion code (one of the 500) was accepted !

    Conclusion, just be patient, … and finally it will work (hopefully also in the other European countries).

    Cheers, Jan

  52. Thanks, Jan, for the hint! I went to the Finland store, it offered N800 for me (as before). I changed the URL to point to N810 and voila, I could add it to my cart. And my code was accepted!

    It seems that the device is delivered from Belgium for Finland, too, so I suggest people try to order their devices now.

    23 euros for posting is horrible, but I’ll live.

  53. 53 nervergetter

    Great happy day 🙂 although i will be missing the waiting & stuff … 🙂

    BTW: i have asked for the device in France, can it be ordered from UK (qwerty instead of azerty?)

  54. 54 anonymous

    The screenshot looks like a fake 🙂 I tried myself @Nokia belgium (with a fantasy code of course), made a screenshot and compared it.

  55. 55 Sergey Udaltsov

    The discount codes are working. I just made an order in the Irish web shop. Thanks a million Quim and Nokia 😉

  56. 56 David
  57. 57 Shawn

    Okay, so what is the US supposed to do?

    The email with instructions for all of Europe has come out, but
    there is no options for the US.

    Could someone PLEASE provide a clue for (what I would images would be more than a few) US code holders!?!



  58. 58 nervergetter

    oh my god, how do i change my code from france to uk?

    that azerty keyboard will kill me

    @quim: is this possible easily?

  59. 59 lilith

    @quim: I have the same problem of nevergetter… I thought that the code would have been enabled on all stores 😦 Is it possible to change this preference… or is it too late and I will have to learn to deal with an AZERTY keyboard? 🙂

  60. Look at that, a new message in the Inbox today 🙂

    One small problem, I am in USA, could one conclude USA will be announced with Canada next week? Maybe North America is lagging a little?

    I am sure it will be sorted out shortly 🙂


    The discount codes of the N810 maemo contributors program are going to be valid from
    today onwards in the supported Nokia shops. Some of the shops might not have device
    in stock yet. If this is the case of your country please be a little bit (more)

    This is the list of shops supported:














    United Kingdom

    Canadian contributors will receive further information next week.

    The code will be valid until the end of February. Please keep it in a safe place since this is the last time we will send it. If you have further questions please contact the customer care channel of your shop.

    We had to make some changes in some codes. In case the code listed here is different
    than the one you received, this is the good one.

    The maemo team wishes you a great time playing with the N810. Remember to share your
    plans and contributions at .

  61. 61 Gregor Golbach

    New email from (04.01.2008)

    I received an Email (04.01.2008) from with this information ,,The discount codes of the N810 maemo contributors program are going to be valid from today onwards in the supported Nokia shops. Some of the shops might not have device in stock yet. If this is the case of your country please be a little bit (more) patient”.

    In this email they send me a NEW discount code!

    But it worked not yet in the German Online Shop! (The old one did not worked either)
    So i will ,,be a little bit (more) patient.”
    Thanks for this information and there is still hope that the codes will work one day 🙂

    Live long and prosper -V-


  62. Hey Quim, any info for the US?

  63. 63 Philipp Zabel

    Has anybody managed to get his discount codes accepted by the German online shop until now? I also got a second discount code on friday, and neither the old one nor the new one work.

  64. 64 MoG

    Nope, no luck in the german shop so far …

  65. Same here, although the device is listed to be in stock.

  66. 66 Luarvique L. Luarvique still lists it as out-of-stock. An attempt to order it anyway and enter the coupon number ends up with the “no balance” error message.

  67. 67 Ben Roberts

    yeah, Nokia in the US is strange, the from if you go to nseries and click where to buy, you get to a, (which used to be in stock) but that site does not have anywhere to enter the code. If you go instead go to find products, you get a to which always seems to say out of stock. Anyone know how it was done for the n800?

  68. for the US i was lookin in the that the n810 will be back in stock till Feb 19th… i think it would be easier if i could order it in europe… is there any possibility to use my code in the Nokia Spain shop?

  69. 69 Luarvique L. Luarvique

    Given that the US site appears to be beyond any hope, I can pick one up in Russia, if there is such a possibility.

  70. 70 Gregor Golbach

    Finally the code worked today (08.01.2007) in the German Online Shop –
    Thanks maemo team – thanks Nokia 🙂

    Live long and prosper -V-


  71. 71 anonymous

    I noticed that too. It looks like it works in the german shop. But I hope this really works if I look at the price tag (Euro 0,-) and the order won’t be canceled by Nokia itself…

  72. 72 Sokratus

    Is there any update about Canada?

    Canadian Nokia on-line store does’n have the field to ender discount code.

  73. I just received my N810 via UPS Express (ordered yesterday in Germany). According to Nokia’s online shop, my Credit Card was billed with 13,– EUR for express delivery (I got 100% deduction on the N810 on behalf if the promotion code); the delivery note says I was delivered a N810 at 459,– via express at 13,– for a total of 472,– EUR. The surprise never stops 😉

  74. 74 Ben Roberts

    check your e-mails the validity date for the discount has been extended.
    I guess its just a matter of a bit more of a wait. 😦

  75. 75 David

    Just received an email with the “correct link” to buy the device in the U.S., but the code still doesn’t work. I get “Please enter a valid coupon code.” for the coupon and “The gift certificate has no balance.” if I try to enter it as a gift certificate…

    Anyone else have luck?

  76. David, no luck here with my code and the US store. 😦

    — Jason

  77. 77 iancumihai

    I have used the discount code, but nokia WANT BACK the device. what is going on.

    QUIMM please, i’ve put a friedn of my in trouble to get it and now it’s difficult to return it

  78. 78 Luarvique L. Luravique

    Tried the new link to the USA store. It does not accept the code.

  79. 79 Concerned Developer

    I am frankly QUITE disappointed.

    US developers have been waiting patiently for our units. I won’t rehash the poor planning of putting your developers and “early adopter-blogger types” at the END of the sales queue — that’s been covered already. Today, nearly 2 MONTHS after the first consumer shipments of the device, we receive an okay to use our codes, without instruction (“coupon or gift/reward”) for use.

    Apparently such information wouldn’t have mattered — neither works.

    Nada. “Coupon invalid”. “No gift certificate has no balance”.

    Furthermore, there appears to have been ANOTHER muck-up across the pond. Some developers have gotten units for 0euro+shipping, and hearsay is that Nokia went so far as to interrupt shipping on some of the 0 euro orders, and even request devices BACK.

    Is this the sort of corporate climate in which Nokia hopes to succeed? We (developers and supposedly influential gadget-reviewers) were selected for this generous program so that we could donate our time and good-will to develop for and promote this device. Instead, we have been fraught with a continuing string of misleading promises

    “We will send your discount and instructions as soon as the device is available in your selected shop”

    and with the code in hand

    “We will send you a notification as soon as the N810 is available in the online Nokia shop you selected.”

    followed by a NEALRY TWO MONTHS of official silence.

    I realize that we are getting a deeply discounted (some cases free, it seems) device on which to work. BUT, it is prudent that Nokia remembers what they are getting in return. We are enhancing and promoting their platform, ostensibly making it more attractive to other buyers. We are doing this out of the “kindness of our hearts”, not financial gain — 400 euros does not buy many hours of coding time at a normal salary.
    I had honestly believed (after early German reports of 0 euro) that Nokia had changed the program to a “fully discounted” device in return for the substantial delays and missed deadlines. Now, it appears they’ve done the least honorable thing — screwed up yet again on the deployment of the codes, and damaged further the relationship with their free developers.

    Nokia, if you’re listening, comp the devices. Make them all 0 euros plus post. If you are trying to reclaim the “0 euro” units, let them be! Try to regain SOME favor from your developer base. We appreciate your generosity in the first place, but it is human nature to remember your faults far longer.

    –Anonymous cowardly US developer.

  80. 80 H-Kachal

    Quim, are you still on holiday? Somewhere (perhaps in the mountains) that has no wifi access?!! How come no responses to the questions for so long?? Let’s not forget these people are Nokia customers as well as developers.

  81. 81 tom-se

    The old discount code worked too and I just received a second one for free 🙂

    Thanks a lot, Maemo and Nokia!

  82. 82 tom-se

    The old discount code works too and I just received a second one for free 🙂

    Thanks a lot, Maemo and Nokia!

  83. 83 Bod

    My code has no value on the US site.

    When will this be fixed?

    After 2 and 1/2 months of waiting for this, I’m about done with Nokia’s incompetent handling of this program. It is ridiculous and does not speak well for the commitment to the platform. Ipod, OpenMoko, or Android, here I come!

  84. 84 Luarvique L. Luarvique

    [state-of-factly] As of now, iPod has no public SDK and Java-only Android does not officially run on any hardware. As screwed up, as Nokia logistics department evidently is, these guys at least have the hardware *and* a working SDK. Having said that, I still hope that whoever is responsible for the screwup is facing at least some punishment, hopefully a 2+ month paycheck delay.

  85. 85 H-Kachal

    My German language is not very good but is our German Blogger ( see link below) saying that when his N810 was delivered the delivery note said he is charged 472 Euros!!! LOL!!!

  86. 86 anonymous

    yes, but that’s not the bill, only the delivery note.

  87. 87 Sokratus

    I have tryed to buy N810 using my discount code.

    I enter link of Nokia United Kingdom on-line store

    Next I press “checkout”.

    In next page there is a field “Enter promotion code”

    When I type my code and press button in right of this field the text appears: “The coupon code that you have entered is invalid”.

    Many person said here that they have two promo codes – old and new.
    In my case this two codes are exactly the same digits.

    So I can not use the promo code. Sad news for me.

  88. Hi, response to comment #78

    H-Kachal on 11 January 2008 said:

    > Quim, are you still on holiday?

    Yes, starting to work tomorrow Monday.

    > Somewhere (perhaps in the mountains) that has no wifi access?!!

    Not really. I have been following regularly this thread but not being in the office there is little else I know and can do.

    > How come no responses to the questions for so long?? Let’s not forget these
    > people are Nokia customers as well as developers.

    The trouble of Nokia customers is in the Nokia shops. Complaining to them is at least as useful as complaining here, and probably more. I know from your point of view the customer care channel of a Nokia shop and the blog of a Nokia employee might look just the same but they are not. The shops are the ones that can fix troubles with discount codes, prices, shipping…

    Tomorrow I will start seeing what else can be done from the maemo side.

  89. 89 nervergetter

    About this:
    “Complaining to them is at least as useful as complaining here, and probably more. I know from your point of view the customer care channel of a Nokia shop and the blog of a Nokia employee might look just the same but they are not.”

    Quim i’m one of the people asked to return the device because of the 100% discount mistake done in France.

    I bet most of the people in Nokia shop lack the will to do a great job and wants their ticketing system to be clean and look good the their bosses so they can go home faster.

    I work in a big company as well, i know how support works.

    The fact is, i wanted to by a Nokia E51 as my phone provided it has good connectivity specifications. Now i feel cannot stand giving nokia my money, although the os2008 is great.

    I bet again those guys will have trouble to give me another discount code (99E) after they will receive my 810 (received and returned).

    This sux. I don’t have to bet about the fact i feel no desire to code/developt/port anything for my old n800.

    Nokia screwed up bad this time. I’m aware it’s now you, but since you are are only link … here you go … this.

    Again, you cannot complain to simple pupets in the Nokia shop, they don’t care unless told so.

    Yet Another Concerned Developer.

    PS: apx. month vacation? i want to join your team 🙂

  90. 90 H-Kachal

    Hello Quim & first of all a very happy new year!

    Quim, I did not leave my comment for just any Nokia employee!! You are responsible at Maemo/Nokia for this developer program & that is why the comment was left for you. I did not leave complaint here for example about some Maemo repositories being out of action for days over the holidays when most customers need them! Because as far as I know you are not resposible for that side of the work. I have seen other feedback (from other customers! Not me!) left in Ari’s blogg.
    I work in the Automotive undustry where the VOC (Voice Of the Customer) is of paramount importance! We realised a long time ago : No Customer = No sale = No job (for the workers like me!!).
    Anyway it is good to see you back & as I have always said Maemo people do a great job considering the ‘surprising’ shortage of resources (as provided by Nokia).

  91. 91 Luarvique L. Luarvique

    You probably know that complaining to salespeople at the shops is useless: they are trained to follow a script when interacting with customers, and the developers’ program fiasco is not in the script. Usually, they do not even understand what you are talking about.

  92. 92 Shawn

    Could we have an update please!!!

    Some ETA on when this mess is going to get fixed, and what top exec is no longer with the company, due to this fiasco. I don’t want to see some fellow work-a-day employee getting the sacrificial lamb axing, this is a major mess-up requiring at least a Director, if not a VP level sacrifice. 🙂

  93. Reposted from the ITT that was reposted from the ML:
    Back from holidays. I was more or less aware of the issues (thanks to
    people posting here and there, also in my blog) but without any
    possibility to do much. Other people in our team were following and
    checking issues with the shops.

    After a first round this morning:

    – There are no issues in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Finland,
    Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.

    – We are getting reports from France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK at
    this moment. There have been some issues in some of these shops but let
    me until tomorrow to summarize the situation.

    – We will talk to US and Canada later today due to different timezones.

    I’m hoping to post a general summary tomorrow, hopefully full of good
    news. :/

    Quim Gil

  94. 94 Sokratus

    Hi Quim.

    I had no success on UK site as I wrote above.

    Today I have tryed to buy on US site. Without success too.

    It is just to inform you where the problems are.

    I hope the problem will be solved quickly.

    Thanks for your efforts.

    Regards, Sokratus.

  95. 95 Oliver

    My US store experience (so far).

    Code not working online, I went ahead and called letstalk three days ago. Half an hour on the phone (with letstalk, then Nokia Customer Care) later, I decided to give up and exercise a couple more days of patience.

    Today I called again and again nobody had any clue what I was talking about, and that included a Customer Care supervisor. They bounced me back to letstalk where I had the luck to speak to someone, Derrick, who was willing to look into this and requested the device program emails to further his investigation.

    He spoke to his supervisor and they figured they have a solution. The line broke at this point, but he called back. The solution encompassed me getting charged the retail amount, but receiving a discount shortly later.

    We went ahead with that, and I thought I was all set after another hour on the phone.

    Unfortunately, they misunderstood and discounted the retail amount *by* $145, not *to* that amount. So, I’m being charged $350 so far.

    The device won’t ship before 01/19 at the earliest because they ran out of devices (*if* they really were in stock) between my first attempt to purchase and today.
    ETAs on the Nokia and LetsTalk websites were Dec 6, changed to Dec 21 (on Dec 7), nothing (for a couple of weeks, starting Dec 21 or 22), Feb 21, sudden availability (on Jan 11), Jan 19 (on Jan 13). It’s a regular joke, and it seems they never had any devices. Then again, the nseries store was broken (infinite redirects) for at least 10 days Nov/Dec and probably at other times. Some days, you couldn’t select N810 from the popup and there were all kinds of quirks.

    This all sounds like some big company not getting its act together and I’m quite underwhelmed. I do hope the device is better but having to freeze them to get them to restart doesn’t sound too promising.

    Wow, I’m beginning to see why Nokia’s US mobile phone market share has plummeted to 10%.
    Self-similarity on all scales.

  96. As communicated in the maemo-developers list, discount codes should be working in all the shops with the notable exception of the US, where we expect a minor fix to be implemented asap in order to provide instructions by mail to the maemo contributors with a US code.

    Therehas been another issue with a keyboard varient in the Netherlands, the affected contributors will be contacted directly by the shop once this is solved.

    The Canada shops should also be ready to receive discount codes by the end of this week. Instructions to be provided in your mailbox as soon as the service is ready.

    @Sokratus, your discount code should work in the shop you selected when you applied for the program, not just in any shop.

    About the usefulness of contacting the customer care channels of each shop, I can only say that they are indeed useful. I believe Oliver word by word, but please believe me as well if I tell you that your complaints and requests do get through the internal Nokia channels and escalate to shop coordinators and the people that can solve effectively the issues. I can tell from the internal reports we receive from them.

  97. 97 Sokratus

    Hi Quim,

    Thank you again.

    My friend will be in US until April or May. I think there is enough time for me to wait without worrying about 🙂

    I only have tryed to buy in UK on-line shop because my another friend is in UK until end of January.



  98. Canadians seems to have been having success today except me… I chose France originally, weren’t we supposed to have it working no mather what for Canada?
    What should i do?
    (ok, yes, i can wait for the canadian email, but still with old and new code it won’t go through and i’m jealous of others now :P)


  99. 99 Oliver

    My U.S. store / shopping experience– part 2 (written for the benefits of those US code holders who are curious to see if “manual” (over the phone) discount code entry via works).

    The saga continues.

    I contacted my sales person at about the invoice discrepancy: they reduced my order *by* $145, not *to* $145.
    Response of to my clearly articulated email is a less clear “You are very welcome. Glad I could help.”
    Subsequent email goes unanswered. Subsequent msg thru their system via order-tagged email link is unanswered thus far, as well.

    Meanwhile, the charge hold on my credit card is $494.94 (full retail).

    Tired of wasting more time and calling up the robots again I decided to wait for a response instead. That was yesterday.

    Today I get a 2nd email asking me to call them because they need more identification info before they can process the order. This is surprising. (I didn’t mention this, but when completing the order over the phone I was already asked a bunch of questions, incl. full (!) SSN and 3 prior places of residence. Never had anything like that when placing an order.) I figure I might as well call to talk about the discount problem and get my order processed.

    So I call. What a nightmare. It starts all over again with total cluelessness. You call a special number where they ask for your order number. Next they ask how they can help you. You need to explain them that you were asked to call them, and why. I bring up the discount amount problem. The customer care guy doesn’t get it. He’s the fourth or fifth guy who just won’t conceive that a device could be so steeply discounted. I hear stuff like “that’s impossible.” Some insistence (bolstered by having contact names) later, he contacts the supervisor who did the initial price correction. That supervisor, however, seems to have gone as low as they will… (did he give me this discount without fully understanding what this was?)

    I voice my frustration and explain the customer care guy that somewhere in their company should be information regarding these codes, and how can they apply a certain amount if they don’t understand these codes. Anyhow, the conclusion for today is that they’re looking into the issue and will call me back. Actually, if they don’t, he says, I should. Maybe tomorrow.

    I’m making reference to the billing invoice discrepancy email already entered thru their system. I ask how long it usually takes for them to respond to that. “It depends.”. Basically, there’s one guy who’s taking care of all the emails, and “hundreds come in each day”. “He comes in at 2 pm” and “it depends when he gets to it.” That was helpful, thank you very much.

    So, in summary my card is currently held for retail amount, the order is hung, 1.5 hrs have been spent on the phone, and I cannot exactly recommend going thru to place your device program discount order–or any order for that matter.

    I’ll post the conclusion to this (I still trust there’ll be one).

  100. 100 Luarvique L. Luarvique

    [giggling uncontrollably while reading about Oliver’s ordeal]

    To me, this stuff is now out of the “Back to USSR” territory and solidly into “Welcome to ‘Brazil’ the Movie” territory. Wondering if it can get any weirder than that…

  101. 101 Oliver

    US store / shopping experience — final episode


    The originally helpful gentleman, who was unavailable when I last called and got the customer care guy (who, btw, asked me to spell “euros” for him, as in “99 euros”…), send me an email confirming that my invoice amount has been corrected and thanked for my patience. Nice.

    So, I only had to call in, spend 12 minutes with a lady to confirm that I am me. (Calling the bank for address verification. That’s after the 3 security questions already asked at order placing time. I guess high-discount guys *are* slightly suspicious…). I asked about the ETA and she, surprisingly said that the devices are supposed to come one day earlier than stated on the website.

    And, indeed, I just received an email that says my package is shipping. Ooof! Thanks, Nokia, for the device program.

    The online store reports the device still out of stock, but not when you actually add it to your card.

    Good luck everyone!

  102. 102 Oliver

    I don’t know what the situation is in regard to online acceptance of the codes, as I no longer have a valid code to try.
    If you can’t bear the tension, want it to ship today, and are ready to do whatever it takes, you may want to call and ask for Derrick H (that should be enough for them to look him up; don’t want to give the last name, as I didn’t ask him if I may give his name to all my low-discount friends…)– he now knows what’s going on and should be able to help you.

  103. 103 Gavin

    Well, LetsTalk has now heard of the Maemo discount program. But this does not seem to be a good thing. After being bounced around between three or four people (all claiming that someone else could help me) the last person simply said, “Those discount codes are invalid, please contact the Maemo program to resolve this issue.”

    Given all the messages came from noreply I figured I might as well post here. I admit I’m skeptical that Maemo/Nokia is the one screwing up here having dealt with LetsTalk in the past and been less then impressed by their customer service. Not to mention the fact that every country where Nokia direct is the sales channel is working just fine. Someone at Nokia may want to consider the choice they made is using LetsTalk as their US distributer given the issues with these codes and the on going SSN saga.

    Thanks Quim for getting this program setup, and if there is someone else we should be contacting at the stores or US offices please let us know.

  104. 104 Sokratus

    N810 is now avalable on stock in US.
    But my code still does not work.

    I am not in US, so calling to US will be a bit expensive for me.

  105. 105 Gavin

    Woohoo! It worked this morning 😀

    Thanks Quim!

  106. 106 Sokratus

    Hi Quim, great thanks!

    Today is my birthday. And I have a really great gift!

    I have purchaised N810 at – Nokia on-line partner in US.

    In my case final price was $145, not $99. But it is OK for me.

    My credit card was issued in Europe, but it was accepted. I have received payment confirmation from my bank.

    I just need wait next week when my colleagues will be back from US.

  107. 107 Sokratus

    Sad news.

    Today I have recevied e-mail that my order has been cancelled. No reason was provided. Just “cancelled”.


  108. UPDATE on my non working codes in Canada (old and new):

    Called them on the 1-888-22-NOKIA line on site… They told me they didn’t deal with any store matter and was refered to the email… which doesn’t exist in any MX record and bounced for 3 days.

    And then found that there also was … Now i’m waiting to see if i ever get an answer which for the past few days has been a very solid “NO” … 😦

  109. 109 Luarvique L. Luravique

    LetsTalk has not let me enter a separate shipping address (so I had to use my billing address) and the order status is now saying that they want “additional details” from me. Just how complicated should ordering a gadget be?

  110. 110 Danny O Brien

    It’s worth checking your order status on the NokiaUSA site. I noticed that mine had a message that they needed to contact me (even though they did not send me email). Apparently in order to check that my credit card was really mine, they had to a) check my address again, b) call my bank and ask for a security question, c) ask me for the final digits of my SSN, and d) say that didn’t work, and offer to conference call me with my bank while I answered some more questions, and e) change their mind and put my order through anyway.

    My sympathies are completely with Quim + the Maemo gang at this point. If this is what it’s like to try to give Letstalk money, I hate to imagine what it’s like trying to get them to put a discount into their system…

    It did go through finally though. Thanks once again for the discount — I’m looking forward to doing work when the machine arrives next week!

  111. Ah! Finally got someone to answer me, now waiting 🙂
    (finger crossed…)

  112. 112 Luarvique L. Luarvique

    Same thing here: no email from LetsTalk, but when I check the order, it says that they need to contact me. I call them myself, they make me wait for ~15 minutes, they ask my SSN. Then they look something up by SSN and ask me about my father’s birthday (!), location of my uncle’s property (!!), etc. before grudgingly confirming my order. Quim, you probably won’t heed this advice, but I am still suggesting that you bring this up with your management: using LetsTalk as Nokia’s official reseller is actively hurting Nokia’s business in the States. Just put yourself in our place and consider whether you would order anything from ever again. You can’t expect *any* consumer, not just American consumer, to go through this crap. It is ridiculous at the edge of being bizarre.

  113. 113 Sokratus

    I wrote to LetsTalk and today’s morning I have received a reply.

    They wrote that my order was cancelled because it was placed “not inside the U.S.”.

    Yes, I am not inside US. But I have ordered on-line. And I indicate the shipment address INSIDE the U.S.

    Now I do not know, what is next.

    Can I be able to use my discount code again? I am not sure.

    What additional steps I have to do to be sure my order will be executed successfully?

    And of course I do not have SSN.

    I am afraid that I will go out this program because my uncle does not have any property.

  114. 114 Sokratus

    I have new mail from LetsTalk.

    They said that my code still should be valid. But they are not sure.

    And the next problem for me. The order must be paid by credit card issued in U.S. I do not have such card 😦

    2 Quim: is there a way to exchange my discount code for U.S. and get discount code for another country?

  115. 115 realitygaps

    My N810 Discount Code doesnt seem to work (UK shop), ive tried to contact nokia uk but have still recieved no reply. Any ideas?


  116. 116 Alejandro

    My N810 Discount Code doesnt seem to work (Spain shop), I’ve tried to contact nokia es but have still received no reply. Any ideas?


  117. 117 Alejandro

    Calling to the online customer care in Spain, they know about Maemo but they say that I can’t buy the product in the online shop and the codes are not available. They insist that I talk with the Maemo people, because in the Spain shop and the customer care doesnt know anything about it.
    What I can do ?

  118. Well, still waiting for an answer from Dianne Belanger after more than a week …
    Looks like i may never get an n810 after all :-/

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