maemo roadmapping process


Maemo roadmapping, revisited. Now it’s better connected to our internal reality. The development platform plans are exposed, although more details should be still provided via wiki pages and enhancement requests. Our aim is also to provide more details about the maemo linux platform itself. We’ll see. The application level (Nokia supported & maemo garage) has been taken out of the way due to confidentiality hurdles and lack of interest, respectively. Let’s concentrate on maemo-maemo.

There is a RoadmapWishlist connected to the official roadmap, where anybody can suggest new features. We are having roadmapping meetings of different areas almost on a weekly basis. We will keep an eye on the wishlist and we will discuss, include or leave to the community initiative the features proposed. Changes to be reflected in roadmap & wishlist at the end of each discussion.

Please bug us through the RoadmapWishlist if as a developer there is anything you need (to know) about the future plans.


2 Responses to “maemo roadmapping process”

  1. 1 Luarvique L. Luarvique

    So, based on this roadmap, is it true that N810 includes a dormant WiMax chip?

  2. No. As previously announced, Nokia will be co-marketing the Wimax products together with Sprint. It has always been said that WiMax will come to the tablets on 2008, and as you see the N810 is coming earlier.

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