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>250 people have applied to the N810 maemo device program in the first 24h. Read the announcement if you want to enroll. Don’t post your proposals as comments, don’t send emails. Apply through your maemo profile just as it is explained in the annoucement. The deadline is November 4th. We have 500 discount codes, so let’s see how this will go.

And what is this maemo profile for? Now is useful for the device program. We plan to integrate automatic karma to promote the most active contributors. Your avatar, name and link to your profile will show up in your news and comments, perhaps in your software product pages too. Maemo is also people!

Let’s see where this maemo profile leads to. Wherever you want. By now I think one of the most clever decisions has been not to create yet another social-web profile but link to our own alter egos out there (from InternetTabletTalk to Ohloh, Mugshot…) In the future, imagine what can be done when having a GPS <em>in your hands</em> becomes almost normal.

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  1. FYI I had problems logging in with Minefield (trunk) and had to use IE. Though I logged in I only saw the login page where ever I tried to go. If I went to garage then I said I was logged in so I guess there is some sharing. The problem seems related to an invalid certificate error that I saw once and got in IE. The error also messed up the RSS feed in bloglines but that seems ok today.

  2. Oh sorry, yes I agree not having to fill in all that stuff again is a real boost 😉

  3. 3 wodisch

    yesterday I could not log in using Firefox, but today I could – using my N800…

  4. Yay! 😉

  5. 5 Jason Carter

    Quim, that has to be the oddest picture you’ve ever used in your blog, hands down.

  6. Those issues had nothing to do with browser but with the fact that between account creation and first successful login there is a gap of some minutes due [long story]. Since ther was no warning thought that they have solved action A by doin action B. In fact, just waiting five minutes brings you a successful action A.

    Jason: 😉

  7. 7 Hub

    Is it my understanding that people in canada are once again out of the loop? Canada is not even listed in the store list….

  8. We are limited in this program to the countries covered by Nokia online shops. Canada is one of several examples of countries where the N810 will be distributed but not through these Nokia online shops (see full list of countries at https://flors.wordpress.com/2007/10/18/what-the-nokia-n810-means-for-maemo-developers/#comment-99 ).

    We are really sorry for this. The maemo team struggled to get a wider country coverage but this is all we could offer in this device program.

  9. 9 Hub

    The canada store carries the N800. It started doing it after being closed for 2 month last year.


  10. So…. I’m accepted into the n810 device program, and I live in Canada… Anyone know how I’m supposed to get the device? (I have my discount code)

    I _think_ I selected the US store as the place I would go… but I don’t even know which store that is. I suck.

  11. @David: Check your profile in maemo.org to see what you did. Wait for our email and/or maemo.org announcement for instructions.

    @Hub: I tried but we didn’t get the Canada store inside the program, sorry.

  12. Good news. It appears that the Nokia online store in Canada is selling the N810. I’m not sure if they will accept the discount code, though.

    A few other online retailers are going to be shipping to Canada as well.


  13. We are talking right now with them to include the possibility of accepting codes of the Canadian contributors. If we succeed we will explain what to do in the email you will receive later this week.

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