New Linux tablet produced in Finland (not by Nokia)


Finland and its 5,3M inhabitants keep surprising me, specially on anything relating to mobiles & Linux (both local inventions). This time is an Internet Tablet (aka MID / Multimedia Internet Device) called EB, manufactured by ElektroBit with Intel and Linux inside. Menlow processor, slide-out keyboard, 3,2Mb camera, GPS, Wlan / Bluetooth / Wimax / HSDPA… A public proto targeting OEMs, it will probably take a while until we see it in the shops.

What Linux flavor is shipping? Is Hildon (by Nokia) being used? Too late/lazy to ask tonight.

EDITED AGAIN: Yes, it is Ubuntu Mobile Midinux with Hildon. Thanks Julien! (and sorry Matthew) πŸ˜‰


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  1. My bet would be Ubuntu Mobile.

  2. 2 Matthew Garrett

    Based on the picture, it’s Ubuntu Mobile – in which case yes, it’s Hildon.

  3. I want one! I love that form factor… and the specs sound quite nice!

  4. 5 Tor A.

    According to the data sheet it’s got microSD instead of full-size SD. That would be a bad decisison for such a device (and one reason I skipped the 770 and waited for the N800 with full-size SD). In fact they should do what Nokia did – give it two full-size SD slots.

  5. Note that nowadays MicroSD cards are (now or soon, 4GB on store shelves at least) available up to 8GB, which in my opinion is quite a turning point compared to 2GB previously available. Of course, requirements differ, for me 8GB is just optimal.

    Not that I’d be buying this particular device. It’s just that Neo1973 also has MicroSD only, which I originally thought is a big minus, but now with 8GB MicroSDHC supported it’s a lot smaller problem.

    I hope this device will be fully open and free, like Neo and unlike Nokia’s tablets.

  6. 7 Tor.A

    Full-size SD is available at 16GB (SDHC) now and will be 32GB in a few months. The biggest point though is that full-size SD is compatible with all the rest (microSD miniSD SD MMC MMCPlus MMCMobile RS-MMC), while the other way around doesn’t work. And a device this size has way more than enough room for full-size SD.. (I’ve currently got about 5 devices which uses SD of some kind so to me it’s a buy/no-buy critical point. Let the phones use the tiny ones, and let the tablet-style devices be the connecting point that can use them all)

  7. It is Midinux from RedFlag linux. They were demonstrating this product in IDF San Francisco last week where CEO of EB was giving a talk.

  8. Thanks Julien. Next time I should feel less lazy and ask. As a journalist I should know. πŸ˜‰

    Midinux also integrates Hildon, good to see it in action.

  9. Uhm,an interesting alternative… πŸ˜‰

  10. As mentioned by Chris Lord in comment 3, this look like a Sony Vaio UX. The keyboard is slightly different but it looks like a copycat Vaio.

    It is nice to see Linux on small devices though. I hope that it does well.

  11. 12 miksuh

    Hildon has absolutely nothing to do with Ubuntu. Hildon framework was developed by Nokia and they have used it on their Maemo platform and InternettabletOS which is based on Debian.

  12. 13 miksuh

    Nokia opensourced the Hildon and it’s now part of the gnome project

  13. Sorry miksuh, but as for today Hildon is also being used by Ubuntu Mobile but is still not part of any official GNOME delivery.

  14. 15 nasrullah


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