maemo improvements: ideas for Diablo and Elephanta


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Now that maemo Chinook approaches is a good time to define the features to implement in the following releases of our SDK and development platform: Diablo and Elephanta. Your suggestions are welcome. You can file enhancement requests at (preferred), send a proposal to be discussed at maemo-developers or post a comment here. We are looking specially for ideas that help improving our developer offer and also coordinating better with Ubuntu Mobile and other projects in the GNOME Mobile space.


9 Responses to “maemo improvements: ideas for Diablo and Elephanta”

  1. Hey, Quim… I recently had an enhancement filed at bugzilla and I was told that it was being closed because it was a “feature request.” Isn’t that what an enhancement is? So, I’m wondering… What’s the best way to make feature requests? Is is through the mailing list or bugzilla?

  2. Interesting. Can you point the bug?

    Bugzilla is where we recommend to file enhancement requests.

  3. Regardless of the error in my initial description, I still consider this feature important:

    One of the (many) reasons is for applications like this:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the N800 showed up in this list? This will only happen via applicable EXIF data.

  4. I see. I’ll talk to the developers about this (the enhancement thing and the wontfix itself)

  5. 5 Anonymous

    #1 missing feature for me: open stack all the way down to the hardware. Right now, the Maemo stack seems like a big mix of open and proprietary components, with little or no documentation on what they do or how they fit together. Random D-BUS bits, random binaries, random kernel modules, random magic daemons with unspecified functions.

  6. We are going to provide an architecture overview of the maemo platform for Chinook. I guess it won’t cover all your questions, nor mine, but I hope you find it good enough.

    For Diablo I’d like to have a clear diagram of open/closed components with an explanation package by package about what is closed, why and whether Nokia has plans or (strong) opinions about opening or not.

    In relation to this, there is also:

    provide system management software under free software licenses

  7. 7 Anonymous

    Thank you for the clearest explanation and straightest answer I have seen on that issue. Having “a clear diagram of open/closed components with an explanation package by package about what is closed, why and whether Nokia has plans or (strong) opinions about opening or not.” would go a long way.

  8. 8 Qole

    I would love to see the microphone made available to something other than GStreamer. It would be nice to have it available as an ALSA device.

    I would also like to see some way to do “advanced calibration” of the touch screen, including boosting the pressure values being sent to applications.

    Those are the first two that really come to mind due to frustrations I’ve been having lately.

  9. 9 bhang

    In my opinion the most needed addition to mameo would be a better and more configurable handwriting recognition app, lets face it most of us have learned on newton or palm os and while the built in app may work well if you have good handwriting (i wouldn’t know) but i think if the ability was added to have 2 input areas 1 for lowercase 1 for upper then to avoid stepping on any of the multitude of patents, just allow people to just erase the original database and train our own, these should be minor changes and easy to implement.

    the HWR we have now doesnt seem to work well for alot of users, there is a thread full of complaints at so we are left with just the on screen display or a BT keyboard,
    So I use the OSD for quick entry, but have to bust out my dinovo mini for anything more than a short url…



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